Vans, Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris, Geoff Rowley’s Battle Commander

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Vans, Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris posterVans, Downtown Showdown 2013 went down in Paris at the weekend. If you were not lucky enough to catch the live feed it is still up and running and available to stream at the link below or click on the image to the right. (I tried to attach the feed directly to the page but not one of the methods I used would embed it to the page so you’ll have to follow the link to the actual webpage, sorry about that)

Vans, Downtown Showdown 2013 Paris

For those of you that don’t know, here’s a quick run down of the format and who’s competing at the event. Basically, Vans invites Skateboard companies to the event and to also design a fun obstacle to skate during the competition. Four of the best designs are chosen. Each obstacle is skated on in jam session format for an hour with two members of each team skating at any one time. Skaters are judged on their ability and originality of their skating. Some of the teams this year are Amitz, Cliche, Blind, Radio, Palace, Death, Element and Flip (there are more, but off the top of my head that is all I can remember). As far as actual skaters in the event there are about 20 competing in each event at a time so it’s difficult to keep up. Names to look out for are Luan Oliveira, Geoff Rowley, Louis Lopez, Rob Smith, Nick Jensen, Lucien Clarke, actually, I reckon you should just head on over to the stream feed and get it watched just so I don’t have to type everyone’s name in.

As well as the Vans Downtown Showdown, (Vans and Volcom rider) Geoff Rowley’s long awaited Battle Commander also went live at the weekend. This is worth checking out, guest appearances from Jamie Thomas, Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez and more. Click on the image below to get to The Berrics Website and Geoff’s Battle Commander.




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