Top Five: Hats and Beanies

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In my first blog in well, ages, I’m back with lots of new products. A countdown of Hats and beanies, to be specific. I think October is that month where big coat and hat weather starts. But, to be honest, these hats sort of make me like the cold weather!

It’s been freezing up north at Urban Surfer HQ.. but, then again, when isn’t it cold up here?!

Check out my top ten hats and beanies below

5. To kick things off, I’m going to break my own rules. This isn’t even a hat, but, it can keep you warm and it sort of passes as headwear. Introducing the Bearded Mask from Neff! If, like me, you struggle to grow any form of beard, this mask will be perfect for you.
On behalf of struggling men everywhere, thank you Neff.


4. Moving on to number 4, we have Santa Cruz with the Overland beanie. This hat has a bobble. You can’t really beat a bobble hat, can you? This hat has a jacquard style print and a turn up cuff. All you need in a winter warmer!


3.  Third place goes to Vans and their Tie Dye Beanie! This hat is right on trend and features a tie dye print and folded cuff completed with the Vans logo.

VUQN9D4 (1)

2. Congratulations to Enjoi. They’ve won my imaginary silver medal for The Took beanie. Quite an honour, I know. I think it’s either the waffle-ish design or the fact it has a panda on it but I just love this hat.


1. Finally, my winner of a non-existant gold medal is the Arrow beanie from Addict. It comes in TWO colours. Generous them lot at Addict! Available in Peacoat and Port, these beanies have a cool winter style print and they have bobbles which makes them ten times better.


Do you agree with me or I do have absolutely rubbish taste? Let me know in the comments.

Watch out for more Top Fives or EVEN some Top Tens coming soon!