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So, we’ve been talking with one of our favourite surfers – Taj Burrow! Globe’s Aussie veteran spoke to us about the tour, changes and everyone’s favourite US TV show – Breaking Bad!


Read our interview with Taj below

US: Hi Taj. Thanks for talking to us! We’re nearly through with 2013. What have you been up to this year?

TB: I’ve been competing on tour and having some fun in between events. I’ve spent lots of time on the road, but i do love it. And come Dec 20th, I get a few months off for the summer at home which is always exciting.

US: It must be awesome having Christmas in Summer… Let’s go right back to the beginning. What got you into surfing?

TB: My parents. They both surf everyday, even more than me! So it was inevitable that I’d be a surfer.

US: Keeping it in the family, cool. You made your tour debut way back in 1998. Without making you sound old, what’s changed about the sport since then?

TB: The tour was rough then. Nobody was very good friends or sportsmen, everyone seemed to hate each other and always vibe each other out. It’s a lot friendlier now and we’re also spoiled a lot more these days. Surfers are treated like kings and even too much so sometimes haha.

US: And what about you personally – Have you changed/adapted your style and is it hard work?


TB: I have changed a few minor things just to suit the judging criteria. I would rather do certain turns, say throw my tail for example but realistically doing a carve, although much easier, seems to score more. Throwing spray is what the judges like to see. So yeah, just stuff like that.

US: Are you still as passionate about surfing now as you were when you first started out?

TB: Yep, 100%. I love it.

US: Good stuff! You’ve won a mighty 11 ASP events during your career. Whilst they’re all amazing achievements, there must be one or two that stand out for you?

TB: To be honest, they all feel equally as good. It’s really hard winning a world tour event. When you come out on top of the worlds best it feels incredible no matter where it is.

US: You’ve surfed all over the globe, but where would you say is your favourite surf spot?

TB: Home sweet home is by far the best, but, I also enjoy Indo.

Globe Team surfing at YoYo's, Sumbawa, Indonesia

US: Speaking of spots – have you ever surfed here in the UK?

TB: Yeah, Newquay! I won that event when I was about 18. I loved it!

US: Awesome, we love Newquay! We’ve heard a lot about Taj’s Small Fries. It must be awesome to see the next generation of Aussie surfers hit Yallingup?

TB: Yeah it’s really cool seeing the young ones throw on their oversized jerseys and thresh around. I love supporting the groms!

US: Does the future look good for Australian surfers?

TB: It most definitely does. Kids are incredible these days. The future of surfing is going to be wild!

US: That’s what we want to hear! Globe, one of our most popular brands, are one of your sponsors. What are they like to work with?

TB: Globe is the sickest brand ever! I’ve been with these guys my whole surfing career. Basically when I became pro they started the company, I’ve been with them from the beginning. They are the coolest crew, they make such amazing shoes and the best thing of all is their surf movies! They work hard and it shows. Joe G is the man.

US: So you’ve both grown as surfers and a company together? Awesome. You’ve designed a whole load of shoes for Globe, including the TB. What is your thinking behind the shoes?

TB: Times have changed a bunch through my career, I just like whatever is best at the time.

US: Can you name your favourite Globe shoe? Apart from your own!

TB: I like the Los Angered, The Motley mid and the Quantum Mid.

US: Great choices, some of which are available at Urban Surfer 😉 Let’s finish with a few randoms: Surfing is done. Work is done. What do you do to chill?

TB: Watch TV. I love Breaking Bad, Family Guy and UFC, is that weird? haha. I also play a little tennis and I love good music! Especially live.

US: Definitely not! Anything involving Breaking Bad is good. It’s taken our office by storm. You can’t beat live music. Who’s your favourite band/artist?

TB: I have a bunch, it would be unfair to name just one.

US: And finally, what’s next for Taj Burrow?

TB: I just wanna have fun whatever it is 🙂

And that concludes our interview with Taj! We’d like to think both Taj and Globe for this awesome oppertunity.

Best of luck in the future, Taj!


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