Surfing Spots up North!

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Hello there! In a new feature, we want to show you all of the awesome surf spots across the UK and beyond.

First up, we’ll be telling you all about spots close to Urban Surfer HQ up here in North East England!

Check out some of the surfing spots in the North East below

When we say Bamburgh, whats the first thing you think of? Probably the castle, or, you’ve never heard of it! Well, it’s pretty decent for surfing too. Although, today waves didn’t even reach one meter, waves usually reach from 2 to 6 feet and with swells coming from the North East, East and South East; it’s not bad at all!

Bamburgh Coast

Bamburgh – Photo By Michael Hanselmann @ http://www.michaelhanselmann.de/bilder.htm

Another spot up here in the North East is Embleton Bay. Located in Northumberland, Embleton Bay regularly receives a surf height of up to 6 feet with swells coming in from the North East. Today, the waves got higher than Bamburgh, but only reached a high of 1.1m whilst the water was at a freezing -15oC!

Embleton Bay

Surfing Spots Embleton Bay – Photo by Peter McMillan

Alnmouth is another spot in Northumberland! The best conditions Alnmouth has to offer is a surf height of 2 to 6 feet with swells coming from the North East. Today, the surf height has reached 1.2m whilst the water temperature has been warmer than Embleton Bay – only by 1oC mind!

Surfing spot in Saltburn!

Suring in Saltburn – Photo by Stephen McCulloch

Now we travel a bit south to Saltburn in Teesside! Like the spots in Northumberland, the best conditions for surf height at Saltburn is 2 to 6 feet. Swells come from the North East and wind from the South and South West. Lately, the surf has been poor, with the surfing height struggling to beat 1m :(. Let’s hope it picks up soon!

Saltburn has become a popular spot with surfers, with the town holding regular surfing competitions.

Next we’re near Whitby – Sandsend to be precise! The best conditions for Sandsend offer a surf height of 2 to 6 feet (again!) with swells coming from the North East, East and South East. Like most spots, the surf height has struggled recently – with 0.8m the highest! Water temperature is a chilly -14 oC!

So, that concludes our look at some of the North Easts surfing spots! Watch this space for more info on surf spots from the UK and beyond!



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