Surfing Spots in Scotland!

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Hello! Here at Urban Surfer we want to tell you about all of the awesome surfing spots the UK (and beyond!) has to offer.

Next on our surf spot tour of the UK is Scotland! The land of Haggis, Kilts and some pretty decent surfing spots.

Check out some of Scotland’s top surfing spots below

First up, we’re at Europie! Located in Inverness-shire, Europie can get a surf height up to 10ft in good conditions with swells coming from the west and north-west. Today, the surf height struggled to reach 1 meter!

Our next destination takes us incredibly far north up to Sutherland and the remote Sandwood Bay. There is no road access to the bay, instead a 4 mile well-trodden path has to be negotiated! Once at the bay, surf height can reach between 2-6ft in good conditions, with swells coming from the west and north-west. Today, however, waves only reached a high of 0.9 meters.

Surfing Spots - Sandwood bay

Sandwood Bay

We’re staying in Sutherland for this next spot as we travel over to Torrisdale. A remote area, Torrisdale can get a surf height of up to 6ft in the conditions whilst swells come from the north-west. Today, waves can reach a high of 1 meter – higher than both Europie and Sandwood Bay!

Melvich is our next surfing spot – again located in Sutherland! This spot can get a surf height of up to 6 feet in good conditions with swells coming from both the north and north-west. Today, waves have reached just under 1 meter whilst the water is a chilly -14! Though, this might be warm for Scotland 😉

Next we travel west to the village of Reay to Sandside Bay. The surf height is reaching around 1 meter today, while good conditions allow a surf height of 6ft with swells coming from the north and north-west.

Surfing Spots - Sandside Bay

Sandside Bay

We go east for our next spot – Thurso! In the best conditions, Thurso can offer a surf height of up to 10ft, whilst swells come from the west and north-west. Not bad! Like most of the spots featured, the surf height only reached 1 meter today.

Finally, we’re travelling over to the west of Scotland. Machrihanish is a village located in Argyll. Today, the surf height has reached a disappointing 0.3 meters! In better conditions, the surf height can reach up to 6ft.

Surfing Spots - Machrihanish Beach

Machrihanish Beach

So, that concludes our look at some of the surfing spots Scotland has to offer. Watch this space for features on spots around the UK and beyond!



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