Summer Time is here? I’m gonna need some new gear!

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Summer Time is here, allegedly.

We’ve had almost a month of Official  British Summer Time, although looking out of the window right now it might be hard to believe. Never the less, its here, that means more sunshine (hopefully) and more skateboarding. Whether you’re a fresh boy rocking the hip-hop style, as hesh as they come or somewhere in between, you’re going to need some new threads for ripping up the concrete on that skateboard. Every now and then I’m going to hit you with some product to check out, which of course are all in stock and available from our on-line store www.urbansurfer.co.uk

This week we’re keeping it Ghetto Fresh, think Chad Muska, Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams and Brian Wenning, you don’t want to be ripping up the streets in last years haggard gear, you want to look like those guys, yeah? (Click on any image if you want a closer look)

Etnies Kontra Shoes. Black-White-Grey

The Etnies Kontra, an excellent shoe, solid build and offering padded tongue and ankle area for extra comfort and protection. Also featuring Etnies ‘System O2’ air bubble on the heel protecting against the dreaded heel bruise. Nice design and colour-way, double stitching for extra durability.


Globe’s Angus Jean, loose fitting for extra comfort and no restriction of movement when skating. I find tighter jeans can sometimes mean bursting the crotch out when you’re bailing, in these jeans you’re not going to do that, having plenty of room to move around in. A nice jean from Globe, they’re gonna look sick with those Kontras.


Zoo York’s Lord Scotch T-shirt, you can’t beat  Zoo York for that Urban vibe. Zoo York are one of those brands with with their eyes on the streets, with a dripping Graffiti style graphic this T-shirt is all about that street style, a nice T-shirt, you know you need it! Go check it our on our website, Urban Surfer, it has print on the back too.


Independent, they’ve been on the scene since 76 and one of my favourite brands, they know where its at, make it on to the Indy team and you know you got skills. This Independent snap-back cap with their logo across the front is right up my street, nice colours and no faff, perfect!

So, you’ve been to our website, www.urbansurfer.co.uk, you’ve bought your new threads, right!? No!? Well get on over there now, we’ve got 20% off this bank holiday weekend, drop by our Facebook page and pick up your discount code. Anyway, here’s a few classic video parts to get you amped for hitting up the streets.

Chad Muska’s part from Transworld Skateboarding, said to be filmed in one day, check out the kinked hand rain second off last trick!

Josh Kalis’ part from AWS’s Mindfields, there are so many good tricks in here!

Stevie Williams’ DC Video part, this dude has pop!

Brian Wenning’s part from the Habitat section of the Alien Workshop Photosynthesis. Need something hit up with a nose gind? Wenning’s the man for the job! Look out for the sick switch bs tail bigspin out too.




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