Summer Events, where to go, what to do…

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 Summer events, what’s happening this summer that’s worth checking out? Well quite a lot actually. There are a number of things going off around the country this summer time, here is a bunch of stuff you could be doing or getting involved in…


 Boardmasters 2013

13.07.05_Boardmasters_LineUp_V2_Summer Events

Boardmasters is a massive summer event that takes place in Newquay in Cornwall from the 7th to the 11th of August. As you can see from their poster (right) they have a lot going on. Headliners like Ben Howard and The Vaccines will be appearing in the main tents/stages as well as loads of other bands and DJs. Not only is there a lot of bands and DJs feeding your ears with wonderful sounds they have a number of events and competitions to can either spectate or (if you think you have what it takes) compete in.

Head on over to their website at www.boardmasters.co.uk to check out all the details for the entire event. There is so much going on at this event that I just couldn’t even begin to cover it all in a short blog and I have other things I want to share with you  today.

If you do want to compete in the skate competition  you really need to get on the ASAP. All the details and information is available on the their website where you can register yourself as a contender. In fact I recommend you have a look over to their website anyway just to check out the highlights from 2012.

What more could you ask for in an event? There is music, food, drink, the beach and all kinds of crazy trickery from skaters, surfers and BMXers. I imagine the tickets are being snatched up super quick so get on it sharpish if you don’t want to miss out.


 Wheels and Fins

Wheels and Fins Summer EventWheels and Fins Festival is an event taking place on the 13th to 15th of September in Joss Bay, Kent. Again this is something you need to look into yourself, I just cannot do it justice with a few words in a short blog.  Have yourself a look over to their website to sign up to their newsletter for more information or head on over to their Facebook page

The Wheels and Fins Festival is on a smaller scale than that of Boardmasters but not any less fun. In Fact it offers things that Boardmasters doesn’t, Soap Box Derby, Downhill/Slalom Skateboarding Races and Beach Volley Ball Competition. Yeah, Beach Volley Ball, that alone might be worth travelling for, you know what I’m saying!


 Urban Games

This summer event is a bit closer to home, my home that is. The Urban Games takes place over a number of skateparks across the Durham area starting at the end of July through till the end of August. An event is held at each park ending in a big event at Coxhoe skatepark on the 30th. I don’t have an image for this event at the moment but you can visit their web page for all the details and dates for each individual event. These events will also include coaching workshops so even if you are fairly new to skateboarding and you want tips and advice  you should get yourself along. There will also be demos as well as competitions for you to enter. As I say you need to head over to their web page to get all the details.

That’s all I’ve got for the moment on summer events but I do have some other news to share with you.

 Newcastle Wasteland

I’m actually a little ashamed that i haven’t mentioned the earlier being as I’m friends with a few of the guys putting this together. You might or might not be aware of the previous Wasteland set up in Newcastle. For those of you that are not aware of it I’ll explain. Basically, the local skateboarders of Newcastle found an unused area of concrete smooth enough to skate on, then pull together all their resources, spending their own money and go all DIY on it. It lasted a good few years and various obstacles where added before eventually the land was claimed back to build whatever it was that planned for it, flats most likely. Anyway, long story short, Newcastle lost it’s Wasteland and had to start looking for a new location.

Needless to say a new area has been found and work has already started on building some obstacles. Have a look on over to their Facebook page to find out what’s going on, if you’re a bit of a DIY wizard I’m sure that they would appreciate some help whether it’s just helping to clean up the area or getting stuck in with some sand and cement. Obviously building concrete obstacles need a few pennies for materials, so, if you don’t have the time put in maybe you have a few quid you could donate. Native Skate Store in Newcastle City Center has a collection pot dedicated  to the Wasteland and all donations are appreciated so don’t be shy and dig deep.


 One last thing…

It’s been a while, but it has to happen every now and again. The dreaded twisted ankle. Yep, I don’t think I know a skateboarder that hasn’t twisted their ankle at some point. Even just reading this blog will be suggestion enough for one or two skaters to nearly break a foot clean off. Anyway, as I’ll be off my board for the next 2 weeks or so I’m going to be sat catching up on skate videos and being a spectator rather than a participant. One thing I’m going to be watching is the Portland leg of the Street League Skateboarding World Tour tomorrow evening (Sunday 14th). You can find all the info you need over at their website for times etc, or even if you just want to check out some of the footage from previous events.

I’ll leave you now with the epic Fully Flared video part from one of my favourite skaters Marc Johnson.



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