Street League Skateboarding Super Crown Final

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Street League Skateboarding Super Crown Final goes off this weekend at Newark, New Jersey, this Sunday, August 25, 2013 7PM (ET) (which as far as I can gather is midnight in Old Blighty)

Street League Skateboarding Super Crown Final

The Street League Skateboarding Super Crown Final is, as would it’s title suggests, the final stage of the Street League tour. It consists of the 8 skaters that have continually shown their skill and consistency throughout the previous 2013 stages with the highest accumulative score. This years final sees Torey Pudwill, Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Shane O’Neill. Mickey Taylor, Luan Oliveira and Nyjah Huston.

Now provided you have ESPN at home, or a friend does, or some other way of getting access it shouldn’t be a problem watching it live. If not, as far as I can tell, you should be able to stream it live (ish, taking into consideration internet speed/connection) directly from the Street League Website.

All previous Street Leagues of 2013 have been amazing to watch, the skateboarding is at it’s highest level and something always goes down that just blows you mind. Right so too considering these Pros have battled it out against each other and all the other contenders in the previous events. This event should be even more exciting as it’s the final and of the final 8 contenders are gunning for first place, Mickey, Torey and luan especially as they don’t yet have a Street League win under their belt yet.

Whether you’re down with the whole Street League set up and format or not, there is no denying that the skateboarding outstanding. I know a few of my friends (usually the older guys) tend to look at Street League as a bit of a sell out and turning skateboarding too “commercial” and a bit “Dance monkey boy! Dance!”. I’d be inclined to agree, but, if you can look past the sensory overload of advertising, Nike SB plastered on EVERYTHING and the mind-numingly depressing and sometimes confused babblings of the commentators, (I heard the Geoff Rowley is commentating at this event though) it’s pretty damn good. Once you’ve managed to find a way to block out and shield yourself from the negative vibes emanating from you’re TV/PC and just focus on the skateboarding it really is amazing. think about the pressure these guys are under, all the people there watching them, it’s got to be intense, right? But they are still killing it, it might take you or I 20 attempts to get one trick, but they’re getting the job done first try most of the time.  However you feel about Street League you can’t get away from the talent that is being showcased at these events.

Here is the final from the Los Angeles stop to get you amped for the next event…



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