Street League Munich and other news.

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Munich Street League Skateboarding/X-games 2013.

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Nyjah HustonThe Street League Skateboarding/X-games event in Munich, Germany, over the weekend was something else. If you follow DC Shoes rider Nyjah Huston on Instagram or Facebook you will seen his photograph along with a few words saying he wouldn’t be able to compete in the event due to injury. I’ve bust my ribs once before and I can tell you it was possibly the most of painful injuries I’ve ever had to suffer, so I’m not surprised he’s had to sit this one out.

With Nyjah out of the competition it opened up a whole new game for all the other contenders. More often than not when watching the street League events we see Nyjah dominating it while others are desperately trying to catch him up, usually having to settle for 2nd and 3rd place at best. I can imagine that being repeatedly beaten in competition by the same guy in event after event it is going to take the wind out of your sails. But as Nyjah’s all but unbeatable consistency and extensive bag of tricks was not a factor, other contenders saw an opportunity for a win.

It was, as I said, with Nyjah out of the picture, a completely different event. It seemed like Nyjah’s absence helped everyone dig deep and put their all into getting that top spot. There were faces that made it into the final 8 that you don’t often see like Peter Ramondetta and Ishod Wair. This final was possibly one of the better finals of the Street League events as skaters moved up and down the leader board, in and out of first place almost after every attempt. You can see for yourself in the video below. Don’t scroll any further if you don’t want to know who won before you’ve watched it!

Just to make sure you don’t scroll too far by accident here is another video from the skateboard ‘park’ event (which if you ask me should be called skateboard ‘bowl’ event), all I can say about this is look out for Pedro Barros (Vans, Independent and Volcom)  and Curren Caples (Vans and Independent) as they kill it.

So, back to Street League, an exciting event. The fact that Nyjah couldn’t compete mixed it up a little bit, leaving it open for just about anyone. In the end though it was another DC shoes rider Chris Cole taking first place, his only Street League gold. So, what does this mean? If Nyjah still cannot compete in the next event could there be scope for Cole to get his second Street League gold?  It is possible that the pressure of the competition may have got to some of the other skaters, would they feel under the same pressure a second time? It’s difficult to say. Nyjah’s missing out of the Munich event though has pushed him down to 5th place overall in the Street League World Tour Championship leader board. Would Nyjah be able to perform at his best for the next two events even if he feels fit enough to compete? As it stands now there is only 25 points between 5th and 1st place, with Torey Pudwill only three points behind Nyjah, so it could go to any of those guys. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on these upcoming events.

Other news

Just a couple of other things that have caught my attention over the last couple of days to finish off the blog. First off DVS Shoes welcome Jon Nguyen to their team, watch the video below to see his introductory part.

Also, Brian Anderson talks about his new skateboard company he’s setting up, 3D Skateboards, in a Jenkem Magazine interview (Just click on the image below).


That’s it for today everyone, Anth.



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