New Products – Independent and Etnies.

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Loads of New Products landed again this week in the Urban Surfer warehouse. If you read this block often you’ll know I go all weak at the knees for the Independent stuff. I can’t get enough of it! Caught myself leaving the house the other day with Indy jeans, t-shirt, hoody and jacket, obviously I have a mild Indy addiction issue I should be monitoring. Anyway, my point being that we have just got a bunch of Independent products land over the last few days. Here’s the ones that I’m excited about…

New Products - independent-blitz-beanie-burgundy-denim Independent Blitz Beanie, a heavy weave woolen style hat in burgundy and denim colour.  A nice no nonsense beanie, with a simple stitched Independent cross motif, perfect for the oncoming Autumn and Winter season.



New Products - independent-stock-ogbc-baseball-tshirt-cardinal-red-denim Independent Stock OGBC Baseball T-shirt, cardinal red and denim colour, 100% cotton. Three quarter length sleeve T-shirt with the classic Independent logo on the front, usually these come in a blue and white or black and white so it’s nice to see some different colours being used.


New Products - independent-tc-i-phone-4-coverIndependent TC iphone 4 cover, I don’t have an iphone but this makes me wish I did. Plain black with the Independent Truck Company logo on the back. If their iphone covers are as good as the trucks they build then you can expect it to outlast your iphone no problem, but I doubt it’s “Built to grind”.


As well as all the Independent stock coming in, we’ve had a lot of hats and belts drop this week from Etnies too, here’s my favourites…

New Products - etnies-staple-graphic-2-belt-red-gold Etnies Staple Graphic 2 Belt, supers strong nylon weave belt with metal clasp buckle. If you’re a massive Etnies fan and down with the reggae, look no further, here’s an Etnies belt repping the red, gold and green.



New Products - etnies-brandito-snapback-hat-eggplantEtnies Brandito Snapback Hat. Etnies are calling this colour “eggplant” but I can’t take that seriously so we’ll call it burgundy I think. A very nice Etnies cap here, I’m liking this burgundy (not eggplant) thing that’s going on at the moment.



New Products - etnies-classics-beanie-eggplantEtnies Classics Beanie. Again Etnies are calling this colour eggplant, I dunno about you but I’m not telling anyone I’ve bought an eggplant hat. So, a nice burgundy woolen style beanie, just what you need as Winter gets closer, it’s also available in black if you’re not down with the eggplant.


Tonnes of other Indy and Etnies products have landed too, as well as new products from loads of other brands, have yourself a look over at the New Products page on our website for more. As the Autumn/Winter ranges come in there will be loads on new products going up on the website almost everyday so don’t forget to keep looking.

In the meantime, if you didn’t already know, Enjoi Skateboards recently welcomed Jimmy Carlin to the team. He’s definitely reading from a different user manual of life for sure, so expect so weird and wonderful stuff from him now he’s on a team more tweaked than most. Here’s Jimmy’s The Berrics Battle Commander part so you can see the Carlin steez.

Some super mullet action in there too, eh?!




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