Jay-Z Confesses his Love for Stance!

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Jay-Z loves his Socks!

Jay-Z loves getting call-outs and cultural references in his tracks. His new song F.U.T.W is no different. Taken from new album ‘Magna Carta… Holy Grail’, the track pays tribute to Stance socks!

‘This ain’t grey sweat suits and white tube socks
This is black leather pants and a pair of Stance’
Surely it doesn’t get much better than that? An endorsement from the worlds biggest rapper! Jay-Z also got a picture out of him wearing Stance! The brand must really love him after this!

Stance at Urban Surfer

Here at Urban Surfer, we have a awesome range of socks from Stance. Check out a gallery of some of our pairs below:

Why have boring socks when you could have some from Stance?

Sorry if we’ve ruined a track on the new album!


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