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Hello to all you Urban Surfers out there, I’m new to the Urban Surfer team (a big thank you to all the team for bringing me on board) I’d like to start off by welcoming you to this blog and give you a little introduction to myself, who I am and what I get up to.

Well, my name is Anthony, most know me as Anth, some know me as Manthony and I also have one or two other nick names that are probably unsuitable for public circulation. I’ve been skateboarding since 97 in the Durham and North East of England but done a lot of travelling up and down Britain in search of spots new and old.

Notable skateboard related achievements include being the first (that I know of) paid Skateboard Coach in County Durham, this was for seven years and involved coaching, supervising the park and running competitions and a lot of involvement with Durham City Center Youth Club during trips and tours away.
I was a graphic designer for FSU Skateboards and Dope Clothing Ltd for two years and designed Stu Graham’s first Pro Board as well as the Urban Vermin board series.
Anyone that is aware of the Durham skate scene will have known or at least heard of The Warehouse. This was an abandoned building, since demolished and now the site of the Radisson Hotel on the banks of the River Wear in Durham City, which myself and with the help of friends we turned into a DIY skatepark. We had The Warehouse for a good few years, the Durham scene got bigger and bigger and we made the local paper, got a mention in Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine, footage made it into one or two videos and eventually we caught the attention of Durham County Council resulting in the parks in the Durham area being built.

I’m a bit of a media geek, so I’m in to making skate edits and taking photographs, I’ve made three full length skate videos for the Durham scene and a video for The Overground in Amsterdam,  I’ve also had various bits of footage used in a number of videos including Blueprint’s Lost and Found, Newcastle’s Bishcam and Way Up North.

As for the blog and my role here at Urban Surfer I’m going to be posting every now and then with info about our products and keeping you informed on various skate related news and any up coming events as well as links to anything I think is of interest.

I think that’s about it for my first blog, rest assured that I’ll not be banging on about myself in future blogs, this one is just for the benefit of those that don’t know me. I’ll leave you now with a few things that I think are worth checking out…

Street League World Tour, Stop Two, Barcelona just finished today, get yourself over to their website to find out who won the second stage and for more details on the next stops and when you can watch the live streaming of Kansas City, Portland and Newark. Street League just keeps getting better and better, if your not already checking that out do so, it’ll blow your mind!

A little closer to home (kinda) Livingston Skate Park near Edinburgh seem to be having a lot of problems with the regeneration and expansion of the park, get your self over to their Facebook page here to see what the beef is and like their page to show a little support for those guys, Livi Park has been going for the best part of three decades and helped produce some of Scotland’s top riders like Stu Graham, John Rattray, Div, Benson and Ben Layden so a worthy cause if ever there was one.

Here is an old video to show you just how special Livi is….

It might not be news to you but Southbank Skatepark in London is under threat of relocation, Southbank is another park that has played a massive role in Skateboarding and every effort should be made to help save it, there is a Facebook page with a petition for you to sign, get your self over there and show them some support. There is also an article, “why closing Southbank Skate Park would suck for London” that you should check out too.

A lot closer to home and not to far away from Urban Surfer HQ is the recent build of Chester-le-Street’s Skatepark in the Riverside Park grounds, I recommend checking it out. Once I organise a few of the local rippers I’ll post a Park Review about it.

The Shane O’neill and Eric Koston game of skate at the Berrics went live on their website on Sunday evening, you can check that out and all the other games in the current Goofy v’s Regular Battle here.

Finally, Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine is quickly approaching issue number 200, I recommend you keep your eyes peeled for that, Sidewalk know their stuff and I suspect they’ll do something big for this issue. You can subscribe to their news letter and ‘Sunday Service’ video blogs at their website here.

Thats all for now folks,



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