Holiday Shop II

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Hi all! It’s nearly the holiday season. Friends are jetting off around the world whilst you’re stuck in England? Just me?

Anyway. To get you prepared and excited, we’re giving you another look at items from our Holiday Shop. Check out Part I here.

Check out some of our Holiday Shop items below:

First, we have something for women! The Billabong Razzle Dazzle Vest is bright and multi-coloured so it’s perfect for summer! It has an unfinished, low-hi hem and is made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

Holiday Shop - Billabong Razzle Dazzle vest

Sticking with Billabong, we have the Meg Low Rider Bikini. Available in the styles of Hibiscus and Black, the bikini has low rise with branded embroidery.

Billabong Meg Low Rider Bikini Black

Holiday - Billabong Meg Low Rider Bikini

     Holidays are not complete without a shirt with a wacky print. The Mental Fun shirt from Volcom is.. well.. a bit mental! It has hula style print all over the shirt and is of a classic fit.

Holiday shop - Volcom mental shirt

Or, how about the Saved shirt from Enjoi? It’s full of odd prints including penguins, rainbows, palm trees and butterflies. Oh and the iconic Enjoi Panda makes an appearance!

Holiday Shop - Enjoi Saved Shirt

Etnies have you covered this summer. Their Cruiser Tank Tops allow you to stay cool and catch some rays. They’re available in the styles of Aqua and Rasta.

Etnies Cruiser Rasta

Holiday Shop - Etnies Cruiser Aqua

That’s it for today! Watch this space for more products from our Holiday Shop.

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