Happy Go Skateboarding Day!

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Happy Go Skateboarding Day! Yes, today the 21st of June is recognised as a day when all the skateboarders of the world pick up their wooden push toy and head for the streets en-masse (that’s altogether in a big group if you’re not down on your French).

Go Skateboarding Day can mean something different to everyone, in some parts of the world it is used as a vehicle to promote skateboarding awareness. Attempting to make a difference to the misconceptions and negative opinions held by outsiders looking in at the skateboarding culture, trying to make it more acceptable in today’s society so as to ease the negativity directed at skateboarders and street skating.

Some see it as a protest towards the negative reactions of others towards skateboarding, particularly the police and security guards. Skating spots that are usually a bust and sticking two fingers up at the people that try to stop them from doing what they love most. Saying “Up yours Mr Authoritarian, you’re not the boss of me!”. All very anarchic and punk rock, but I’m not sure how that is going to help in raising others opinions of skateboarders and the opening of every plaza and dream skate spot across the globe.

For me though, and I’d like to think there are others out there that think the same especially living in England where skateboarding is not frowned upon so much as in parts of the USA, it is about a celebration of skateboarding itself and being a skateboarder. As you know, skateboarding is not just the tricks, bombing hills and scaring old ladies in the street. It’s the entire package, the lifestyle that comes with it. The travelling, the friendships made, the slang language and even the injuries, they are all things that are shared experiences in our common interest. I think Go Skateboarding Day should be all about celebrating these things. Get your friends together, travel somewhere different or new, talk the talk and have some banter, make new friends. Smash yourself up skating hard all day knowing all the other skaters of the world are doing exactly the same on the same day, finishing up tired, in pain and satisfied you’ve ripped it all day.

So go on, get yourself out there, go skateboarding, I am, you don’t think I’m sat in the office now writing this do you? I wrote this last night so I’ve got the entire day today to myself and my skateboarding. For those of you that don’t know, it is actually the Summer Solstice today, which means it is the longest day of the year, the longest period of daylight hours in a day that this year will see.

Just in case you haven’t had the foresight to plan ahead I’ve found you a couple of things that are going down today and over the weekend, maybe you are near by, or fancy the trip somewhere different.

Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool are holding their Go Skateboarding Day Event on the afternoon of the 21st, again the session is 4pm till 10pm, but get this though, free enrty! That’s right, not a penny to pay when you get there, completely free to anyone holding a skateboard. Rampworx is one of the biggest if not the biggest indoor park I’ve ever been to, loads of good stuff in there to keep you occupied and the building is big enough to accommodate a skateboard invasion on a large scale. I seem to remember they do a good burger there too, they’re going to be rushed off their feet for sure.

The Works Go Skatboarding Day Event I’ve mentioned in a previous post about The Works Skatepark Go Skateboarding Day Event in Leeds. They are holding it on the 22nd so if you have to work or go to School/College/Uni on the Friday you can still celebrate with a bit skateboard action. Only £5 on the door from 4pm till 10pm and a skate-only session, that means there will only be skaters allowed entry the into the park, all others arriving with bikes, blades or scooters will be turned away. There will be comps and prizes throughout the session and as an added bonus they sport you a free burger or hot dog, so everyone is a winner. The Works is an awesome park, entry for a fiver is a steal!

Something different now, Skateport Skateshop are holding a premiere of Danny Way’s “Waiting for Lightning”  Documentary Video. I’ve been lucky enough to see this already, really worth checking out, learned a few things about Danny that I didn’t know. An amazing individual with an amazing story too tell, plus he’s super rock hard nails. It’s possible that he is a Terminator sent from the future and while not looking for Sarah Conner he skateboards. For more details head on over to Skateports Waiting for Lightning Event Page.


That’s it for today folks, make sure you skate really hard today or at least over the weekend. No calling it a day until the sun goes down and you’ve gathered some new war wounds. Here’s a video to get you amped up for your Go Skateboarding Day.




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