Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

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Gnarly Product for Gnarly Skaters.

You’ll remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about ghetto style product for all the fresh skaters out there, this week its all about the Gnarl. When you think of the classic rock-star style gnarly skaters out there names like Heath Kirchart, Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala and Chris Cole might spring to mind. There are of course many more names out there that have hammered the big hand rails but I want to look at that ‘all black attack’ style. Lets see if I can kit you out in something along those lines from our stock at Urban Surfer HQ.

The bottom half.


Right, first up are these Brandon Westgate‘s on Emerica. Vulcanized so you can feel your board under your feet giving extra control while popping on to that immense handrail. Mid-top for extra ankle protection and support, ankles take a lot of punishment jumping down the big stuff, one less thing to think about with these bad boys on.


Not down with the mid-tops? How about these Globes? The Sabbath, designed by David Gonzalez. These shoes are also Vulcanized for that extra board feel and have extra features to improve on durability and heel protection. If The Sabbath is as tough as David then you’re going to be hard pressed to find another shoe as strong as these.


As a rule you’re probably not going to be hitting hand rails in your undercrackers and you’re going to be wanting something suitable for hitting up the gnarl. These Saratoga jeans by Emerica are perfect for this, an extra slim fit so there is no chance of you getting the rail/ledge, board or feet tangled up in your own jeans ending in a crash course in playing the head-bongo.


Those Emerica Jeans too tight for you? Got knees like puddings? Feel like your junk is all on show? How about these Death or Glory jeans from Globe? Again, slim fitting jeans, but leaving enough room for you to move comfortably without restrictions. A good solid pair of jeans here, you buy a these and it’s money well spent.

The top half.


What about the top half? You can do hand rails with your chesticles out if you want but that gravel rash is going to sting. What you need is a T-shirt with a Heavy Metal skull logo on the front so you can scare the hand rail into submission. This Famous Stars and StrapsSickadelia T-shirt has got that covered, you’ll scare the paint clean off a hand rail in this.


We’re going all Heath Kirchart style with this Snake Mountain shirt from Globe. A nice shirt from Globe here, if you mean business you should at least smarten up and dress like you’re the man for the job. I’m a big fan of the ‘all black attack’ with the shirt, I remember for a while I used to think I was Heath in my black shirt, minus the amazing skateboarding skills.


You’re going to want something on your head to keep that hair out of your eyes. What you need is this Black Snap Back cap from Volcom Stone get it on back to front so the peak is out of the way and you can see where you are going while at the same time keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Get amped, go skate.

So, now you’re all kitted out in your new gnarly product your going to need some video footage to get you amped up for some serious skating and jumping down the big stuff.

First Heath Kirchart’s video part from the Emerica Stay Gold DVD, you see the shirt and backwards cap make a few appearances here, plus a complete turn around to ‘all white attack’.

Next is Chris Cole’s video part from Zero’s New Blood

Last but no means least is Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, this is a compilation of the biggest gaps and stairs he has done, check it out.




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