Emerica Made – Provost, Romero, Westgate and Leabres.

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Emerica Made – Chapter 1. Provost, Romero, Westgate and a surprise part from Leabres.

Emerica Made

Emerica have been busy and put out the first part of their Emerica made videos and released it yesterday featuring Collin Provost, Leo Remero, Brandon Westgate and a special surprise introductory part from Jeremy Leabres.

Everyone I skate  with knows that I’m a massive fan of Emerica. To me they are a proper skate shoe company, focusing more so on the skateboarding than advertising campaigns and marketing. Sure, Emerica do advertise their products and market their riders, but you tend to see the skateboarding speaks for itself without having to add some quirky element to grab your attention. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m not going to go off on one about how skate companies should behave, corporate take over and globalisation, I can bore myself to death with that so I’ll not inflict you with my rantings.

I’m not going to bang on about much really, I’m not even going to go on about how stoked I am on the first chapter of Emerica Made, or about how good the new guy Leabres is, or even about the fact that Westgate’s part is just mind blowing. All I’m going to say is…


Go and check it out, it’s up and available to watch now on the Thrasher Magazine Website (although I’m sure it’ll not be long before it’s ripped and put up on Youtube). Just click on the image at the top of the page to get there. If you don’t like this, you don’t like skateboarding.



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