Cruiserboards, surfing the concrete wave.

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Cruiserboards, I haven’t blogged anything about these yet. In fact if you have a look back at my previous posts you’ll see that I usually focus only on street skating and park skating. That’s because I’m a street skater myself, although now I hit up a lot of parks more than I ever used to. Street skating is how I got into skateboarding, when I started there were no real outdoor parks and the nearest indoor park was 45 minutes in the car and a lifetime on the bus, so street skating was all we had then. Today there are outdoor parks in almost any direction you choose to travel. Most people have a park that can be reached easily and quickly enough by bus or car, some people only have to skate down the street to their local park.

With the increased number of skateparks, and of skateboarding as a whole, we’re obviously going to see more skateboarders appearing on the scene. Not just new school street skaters though, we’re seeing old school carving and cruising skaters coming into the parks more and more. I don’t only mean the older guys that used to skate dusting off their old Alva’s and Kryptonics. There are kids in the parks now that are all about the carve, riding bowls and transitions, finding the perfect line, slashing grinds out over the coping all surfer style.

Stairs, ledges and handrails are not for everyone, and who could blame them, the potential for injury is obviously higher. Kickflips and technical wizardry doesn’t appeal to everyone, some people just like the feeling of travelling on a board. Whether it’s cruising down a footpath to the shops or surfing it in a bowl, travelling on your board sometimes just can’t be beaten.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, here at www.urbansurfer.co.uk we stock a range of Cruiserboards specifically for cruising about and surfing those concrete waves, completes too so they’re ready to rip. Here are a couple of my favourites.

globe-continental-complete-cruiserboardThis Globe Continental Complete Cruiserboard is an 8-ply bamboo longboard. Being made from bamboo it gives it extra flexibility allowing for a mellow concave. It comes with 180mm slant inverted trucks, ABEC-7 bearings and 65mm 83A wheels. Having nice soft wheels means better grip than you would get from a harder street wheel. You’ll be able to push right through the corners without the fear of sliding out, and with those ABEC-7s in there you’ll be picking up some serious speed on those downhills.

These Globe Bantam STs are great little Cruiserboards. They are based on the original skateboards that started to emerge in the 1950s and 60s and shaped like a miniature surfboard. Every skateboarder should have one of these just for the fun factor, ripping it around a bowl on one of these is so good. Available in a range of different colours, all you have to do is pick one, pay for it and ride it.

globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-red-grey-yellow globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-pink-off-white-turquoise globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-tur-wht-or globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-lime-black-yellow globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-sun-black-red globe-bantam-st-cruiserboard-black-red-turquoise

If these boards are not quite what you are you looking for then have a look over to our website at www.urbansurfer.co.uk and have a browse through our selection. We have a variety of Cruiserboards, choose from different designs and colours, you can even build you’re own Bantam to your preference.

Here is a nice advert from Globe for the Bantam, enjoy.

Now for some serious downhilling and super fast speeds.



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