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Well it looks like my twisting about the weather the other day scored us one or two nice days over the Bank Holiday weekend. I hope you all made the most of it by getting your skate on.

I’m going to assume that you’ve all been out skateboarding the entire weekend and haven’t had time to trawl the internet for the latest video clips or keep up on the latest goings on, so I’ve picked out a few gems for you. There’s been some cool stuff pop up I think you’ll enjoy checking out.

You might have seen this but if you haven’t or, if in the unlikely event, you don’t know who Andrew Reynolds is you have to check out the video that has been posted by Know Skateboarding on their Youtube Channel. It’s a mixtape of footage made up of some of the best tricks of previous video parts Reynolds has made right up to the present day. Watching this you can see why Reynolds is one of the greatest skateboarders there is, he might have been skating for about as long as any of the other veterans out there but he hasn’t eased off at all and still putting down the hammers. He’s not called The Boss for nothing!

Richie Jackson, he looks like an interesting character right? If he’s as far out as his facial hair he’s got to be fun. Well, NetworkA have given him his own show. So far only two episodes have been released but they are definitely worth checking out, I don’t want to spoil it for you so have a look for yourself, the trick-tips segments are brilliant.

Untitled-2“I’m really into Jenkem right now!” A statement you might not hear every day (look up Jenkem in the urban dictionary to find out why), Jenkem is an on-line Skateboard Magazine that you should really be taking a look at.The guys running the show over there really know their stuff, covering pretty much everything you can think of, articles on the latest skateboarding news, who is riding for who, interviews, the effects of corporate takeover, commercialisation and globalisation on skateboarding as well as fun articles on things like the “5 types of skaters you will meet at college“, get yourself over there at www.jenkemmag.com, have a dig through their posts you’re bound to find something that interests or entertains you. You can also like their Jenkem Facebook page which will keep you up to date on any new posts they’ve made.  I really do like this website, keep up the good work guys!

Youtube channel SkateCamz2 has been posting the entire broadcasts of the XGames Barcelona 2013 Street League events, I mentioned this last week but if you where unable to catch the live broadcast then you can catch up with it all by going over to the SkatCamz2 channel right now. If you don’t want to watch the whole broadcast watch the video below to see who won the finals. (You might want to skip the first 18 minutes)

Some new Bobby Puleo footage has appeared on Youtube, I’ve no idea what the deal is with this other than a Youtube account TimandVic131 was opened on the 15th of May and last week they posted this, no description, no info of any kind. Whatever the story with this video it’s all street footage in true Puleo style, peep it, enjoy.

Good news for the locals of Spennymoor, The Northern Echo posted on their Website on Monday announcing various funds being pledged to build a new skate park, an area is said to have been secured for the project to go a head, further funding and other details have yet to be confirmed, but overall looking promising so far.Untitled-3

I think I’ll end by quickly mentioning a really nice Burrito that I had after skating and filming one day last week at Whitley Bay skate park. We’d finished skating and while driving south down the coast road for a couple of miles we spot The Surf Cafe and decide to drop in. The guys in there are really friendly and welcoming, there is all kinds of cool stuff in there like surf and skate boards and old-skool bikes, they have a N64 hooked up to a big screen and even better than that is they have an original space invaders arcade game, and you can play for free! I know that’s not really skate related but I thought it worth a mention as seen as they do such a mean Burrito. They have a Facebook page if you want to have a look or better still go pay them a visit, they’re right next to Tynemouth Park on the coast road, you can’t miss it, say I sent you.




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