Surfer Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton chats with Urban Surfer

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Hailing from Devon, Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton is a big wave surfer. He describes himself as somebody who loves pushing boundaries and has dedicated his whole life to surfing.

A well known British surfer, Cotty was part of the team that broke the record for the largest wave ever ridden in 2011. He was the tow partner of Garrett McNamara, who we interviewed recently.

We were hugely grateful to get the oppertunity to speak to Cotty this week. We chat waves, Angry Birds and his van!

Check out the interview with Cotty below

Andrew Cotty Cotton

US: Hi Cotty, thank you for talking to us! How are you?

AC: No worries. thanks for asking me. Yeah all’s good, just home in Braunton working at present.

US: 2013 is still young, what have you been up to in the start of the year?

AC: January was a busy month swell wise with some solid waves in Ireland, Portugal and Spain so I’ve already clocked up a fair bit of travel time and surfed some pretty epic waves. So it’s been a great start!

US: Going back to the beginning, what made you choose surfing?

AC: My Dad bought me a board in primary school and we lived in North Devon so I’ve always been keen. Although through my teens I was on and off it spending time surf life saving, swimming etc. I think I even body boarded for a few years.

US: Where’s your favourite surfing spot?

AC: Depends, if I’m home I’m not fussy really. As long as it’s quite I’m happy. Big wave wise, I think Prowlers has got to be up there.

Andrew Cotty Cotton


US:  In 2011, you helped Garrett McNamara break the world record for the highest wave ever ridden. Can you remember much from that day?


AC: Just another day in Nazare! I was there with Al Mennie who I’ve been surfing with since the beginning. Garrett towed Al into some waves, which were about 50ft, then it was my turn but I lost my board after the first wave. Before we went to go find it I offered to tow GMac [McNamara] into a couple. He wasn’t even that bothered really but when he got on the rope this giant set came through and I put him on the second wave. The rest is history!

US: Can you tell us more about your role in the record breaking surf?

AC: Don’t know about record breaking but I love big waves and I love surfing them and all aspects that surround them. Whether it;s just driving the ski in massive waves, paddling or getting towed into monster slabs, I just love it and want to do it and the highest level possible!

US: Would you class yourself as an unsung hero in the surf?

AC: Haha what do you mean by that! I’m just stoked to be doing what I love and what I’m so passionate about – surfing big waves. My time will come.

US: Maybe you just deserve more credit for what you’ve achieved! 

US: I see you got married last year and had another child – congratulations! Have you had to make sacrifices due to surfing?


AC: I’ve made my work and lifestyle suit my surfing which obviously comes with sacrifices but my wife Katie completely supports my obscene obsession which really helps and makes me feel very lucky.


US: We’re big fans of your blog here at Urban Surfer! Whether you’re writing about an Angry Birds addiction or your Van troubles, it’s a great read. What made you want to share parts of your life with the world?

AC: I wanted to make a website to promote myself but didn’t have the skills to do so or have the money to spare so, I ended up having a BlogSpot which is free and easy to update.

I’d read a lot of other surfers blogs and it all seemed a bit boring.I eat, sleep and breathe surfing but people don’t want to read that, or at least I didn’t, so I generally write about random nonsense which has a loose connection with surfing in some way. It’s hard to get a balance as I want to be a surf blog and promote what I do in a positive way but I also don’t want it to be your typical surf blog at the same time if that makes sense.

US: Well we love it! Are you still addicted to Angry Birds? Or have you found another addictive game? Haha. 4 Pics 1 Word and Candy Crush are favourites of mine at the moment!

AC: Ha, no I haven’t played Angry Birds for a while! To be fair I haven’t got time at the minute, although I am addicted to Twitter and other social networking sites which can cause problems! In fact, I think I’m just addicted to my phone full stop. It’s like my pacifier.

US: And your Van, still a bit rubbish?

Cotty - Van


AC: Yeah, I named my van *@#! because it kept breaking down. It’s still unreliable and every morning it’s like a lottery on whether I’ll get to where I want to go on time.



US: Most of us here at Urban Surfer HQ have had car troubles lately, so we know how you feel! So, surfing is done for the day and you have some time to yourself. What do you do?

AC:  Home is hanging out with the kids if Katie’s working and trying to wear them out or we cruise as a little team! We generally go to bed early and get up early. I always try and fit in at least one training session a day whether it’s with my trainer Andy at Bay Fitness or just a swim or cycle.

US: Who’s your favourite band/musician?

AC: My Wife’s a musician but I have no musical interest or talent whatsoever which is strange!

US: You’re a contestant on Come Dine With Me. Who would be your four dream invites?

AC: Prince Harry, Frank Gallagher, Dane Reynolds and Boris Johnson.

US: Good choices! And finally, what is next for Andrew Cotton?

AC: I feel really focused on my surfing now, more so than ever. So I hope good things will happen. Paddle some ignoramus waves, tow some super sized slabs and hopefully get a sponsor!

Like Urban Surfer, Cotty loves Social Media. Follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook – he’s one of our favourite tweeters and bloggers! Find him at:

Twitter – @andrew_cotton

Facebook – facebook.com/andrewcottonsurfer

BlogSpot – andrewcottonsurfer.blogspot.co.uk

A huge thank you to Andrew Cotton for taking the time to speak to us and we hope our paths cross in the future!


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