Accessories: You know you need ’em!

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Accessories, although I’ve already made a few posts on product I’ve really only mentioned a few caps that we stock here at www.urbansurfer.co.uk and not yet told you about any of the other great accessories we have for you. So in today’s blog I’m going to show you a few of my favorites.


First up Belts, we actually have over a hundred belts up on the website at the moment so choosing just one favorite was difficult, so here’s three that I think you’ll like. We have a nice brown leather Santa Cruz belt (left) with a cool metal buckle. Santa Cruz have been established for a long time now so know their stuff, your jeans have no fear of being unexpectedly dropped with this belt. If that belt isn’t really your style and a bit big and heavy how about the Globe belt (center), made from nylon and lightweight, fully adjustable buckle so one size fits all, only ten English Sterling too, bargain. The DC Shoe Company belt (right) is so nice you could wear it for best. Black 100% leather with a black buckle, nice and smart, suitable for all important events, weddings, funerals, job interviews and skateboarding.

santa-cruz-mf-dot-leather-belt-brown          globe-redman-belt-red          dc-belt-star-3-belt-black



Under-crackers, you know, duds, kegs, boxers, underpants. Unless you roll commando, you need under-crackers. If you are unlucky enough to have your jeans fall around your ankles the last thing you want is to be caught out in your old Y-fronts. So, check these bad boys out, Bawbags, yes that’s right Bawbags! As you can guess from the name of these kegs they don’t take themselves too seriously and like a laugh, you can see this from their designs, check out the Guns and Bananas pair below. Now you can skate in confidence knowing that you’re covered if your jeans fall down and you can be like “Yeah, look at my Bawbags!”

Bawbags banana and guns boxers           bawbags camo boxers           bawbags-cockerel-boxer-shorts-red




Everyone needs a wallet, keeping your money in your shoe just doesn’t cut it, have you ever tried skating with a shoe full shrapnel? No, I didn’t think so, you keep it in a wallet like all sane people. I’ve picked out a couple of nice ones for you to have a look at. First up, a wallet from Independent, I could go into detail but it’s made by Independent and it’s a wallet, nuff said.


Next up, if you’re not down with the Independent wallet maybe this wallet from Santa Cruz is what you’re looking for. It has the famous Jim Phillips screaming hand logo on the front, well made, nice colours and the logo is cool. If you’re not into this wallet then I’m thinking maybe you should be made to keep your change in your shoe for a couple of weeks, purely for educational purposes, so you learn to appreciate a good wallet when you see one.

Before I go I’ll leave you with a couple of videos to keep your skateboarding addiction satisfied and in check. First though, I want to remind you that we have new product, and accessories, coming in all the time and you don’t have to rely on me to keep you informed. Just click on the “New Products” tab on the menu bar which will direct you to the new arrivals and be the first to order it on-line via our website at www.urbansurfer.co.uk.

So I repped a couple of Santa Cruz products there, lets have a Santa Cruz rider first. This is Emmanuel Guzman’s part from Thrasher Skateboard Magazine’s  “Prevent this Tragedy” video release, this guy has got skills, check it out.

Next up, seeing as I have my nose shoved up the backside of Independent Truck Company we’ll have an Indy rider. Here is Leo Remero’s section from Emerica‘s “Stay Gold”. Leo grinds up hand rails, need I say more!?




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