20 years of Girl Skateboards.

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20 years of Girl Skateboards

I’ve been away for a few days and had no internet access, or even mobile phone signal, so I’ve been a bit out of the loop. There have been a few things going down over the last few days but I think one of the most important events was that Girl Skateboards celebrated two decades of being on the scene. Girl Skateboards have now being supplying us (the skateboarding world) with some of the most influential skateboarders and video parts for 20 years. Although at the moment here at Urban surfer we do not currently stock any Girl Skateboards or Crailtap products I think it would be a crime to let it pass without saying a little something about it.

20 years of Girl Skateboards

For those of you not familiar with Girl Skateboards (although I find that hard to believe) here is a very brief history of Girl Skateboards. Founded in 1993 Girl has evolved into a distribution company manufacturing hard goods, skateboard videos and films, soft goods. Girl Skateboards is only one aspect to the company to which it has developed into over the last 20 years. After only one year Girl also founded a second company, Chocolate Skateboards, the success of the Girl Brand inspiring its creation. Two years later, 1996, saw the creation of Fourstar Clothing. Another three years later, 1999, Royal Trucks was then founded. Around the same time Lakai Limited Footwear was also created. Going from a company making only skateboards to also distributing clothing, trucks and footwear in only 6 years.

Companies tend not to last to the grand old age of 20 and as a rule don’t explode into a multi-faceted company distributing all, or most, hard and soft goods. I’d like to think this is a result and testament to the skateboarding (the list of riders is immense, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Guy Mariano, Erick Koston, Rick McCrank, Chico Brenes, Brian Anderson, Mark Johnson, the list goes on and on) in their large catalogue of skate videos. Combined, Girl, Chocolate, Fourstar and Lakai, have put out about 30 skate videos, some full length videos, some promotional tour videos. Among those 30 are arguably some skateboarding’s most influential, possibly even best skate videos ever made (Mouse, Hot Chocolate, Yeah Right, Fully Flared, Pretty Sweet). They have without doubt released videos that reflect the progression of skateboarding at the time of their release, having further influence on the skateboarding community. In my opinion, I think it’s safe to say that without the presence of Girl Skateboards, and the companies that followed under her bosom, skateboarding might no be what we recognise it to be today.

So, hats off to Girl Skateboards, raise a glass and celebrate the past 20 years, wishing them another 20 more years of pushing skateboarding as far as they can. You cab pop on over to the Girl Skateboards website to see how they celebrated if you want, Thrasher Magazine also have a photo-gallery you might like to check out. I’ll leave you with some of my personal video parts from Girl, Chocolate and Lakai.

First up, Eric Koston’s Mouse Video Part.

Next, Justin Eldridge’s Hot Chocolate Part.

Brian Anderson’s Yeah Right Video Part.

Marc Johnson’s Fully Flared Video part.

Lastly, as seen as it is near impossible to find any full parts on Youtube of the Pretty Sweet Video Parts here is a French Fred Remix of Sean Malto’s Video Part.




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