Urban Surfer Speaks to Olympic Hopeful Jenny Jones!

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This week we got to interview X Games Gold medalist and Olympic hopeful Jenny Jones from Bristol!

US: Hey Jenny! It’s a pleasure to get to talk to you! How are you?

JJ: I am well thank you and have enjoyed a good old British summer, now the nights are growing darker I’m looking forward to escaping to the mountains, can’t wait to get snowboarding.

US: So as the countdown to Sochi 2014 begins, what are your expectations for yourself and Team GB?

JJ: I am just going to carry on snowboarding like usual I guess. Riding jumps, hitting rails and getting the odd cheeking week slashing powder. I am hoping teamGB athletes who make it to the winter games ride, play, jump, skate and luge their best and are satisfied with their performances.

US: Some would say you are our best chance of a Gold in Sochi, do you enjoy that pressure?

JJ: I think people are forgetting you have to get their first and this year is about trying to qualify, which is exciting. I am looking forward to giving it my best shot and if i manage to make the grade then great. I genuinely am not our best chance for gold I feel there are lots of other athletes just as capable and hopefully their results and riding s

US: Who could forget Amy Williams memorable Skeleton Gold at the last games, what would it mean to achieve the same heroics that Amy did?
how this over this coming winter.

JJ: I thought Amy’s gold was fantastic and I hope she is proud of her achievement. To win a medal of any colour at the Olympics would be amazing and what would it mean to me….mmm I just don’t think you can answer this unless it has actually happened so best not to for now.

US: It’s sometimes easy to forget that you’ve won three X Games Gold medals amongst all this Olympic hype! Is that your biggest achievement to date?

JJ: As far as competing goes yes, although I was pretty chuffed when I build shaped hit and landed my own powder kicker, when I landed my first 360, when I got a half decent video part and when I did a heli drop hahaha so they would be somewhere on the list too.

US: So what originally got you into snowboarding?

JJ: I tried snowboarding on a dryslope with my brothers, I really enjoyed it and then went away with my college for a week to the Italian alps. I had a great time in the mountains and fell in love with snowboarding. I then finished my A levels and headed out to France, Tignes for my first ever season, finding a job as a chalet maid to fund my snowboarding.

US: Where is your favourite place to shred?away with my college for a week to the Italian alps. I had a great time in the mountains and fell in love with snowboarding. I then finished my A levels and headed out to France, Tignes for my first ever season, finding a job as a chalet maid to fund my snowboarding.

JJ: I get asked this question lots and I never have an answer as i genuinely don’t have a favourite…..yet. I have a soft spot for Morzine, France but I think Colorado is great for terrain parks. NZ, Wanaka is a beautiful place to stay and shred and have ridden some epic powder in Rettalack, BC, Canada. I think my favourite is yet to be found, I imagine it is a secret little gem somewhere and when it’s time to find it I will stumble across it and never want to leave. Ha.

US: Who else do you think has a good shot at Medals in Sochi for Team GB?

JJ: outside of snowboarding I am not too sure I will have to read up on the other athletes. However in snowboarding I think each and every one of the team has real potential, it’s just about it all coming together on the day.

US: Who inspires you?

JJ: close friends and family really but after watching this summer’s Olympics, I was inspired by Katherine Grainger and Helen Jenkins. From snowboarding, Marie France Roy, Hana Beaman and Nelson Pratt.

US: Any other projects going on right now?

JJ: I am constantly working on my new but old VW Van, I recently had it converted by the guys at vanguardconversion, thanks Mark and Niki ! I can now store my surfboards, sleep and have a cuppa tea in the morning haha. It’s defo an on going project but I love it.

US: What do you do outside of Snowboarding?

JJ: I love surfing and try to find time during summer to get down to Cornwall or Devon and dip my toe in. last year i went over to the Maldives on a boat trip with friends and it was brilliant, this year i never made it to hot climates but hopefully next year I will be back in the bikini and enjoying warmer waters.

US: Have you checked out rising young star Becky Menday? What do you think of her?

JJ: She is a great little shredder and i would be stoked to have some of her rail tricks.

US: Who else is ripping it up on the scene right now?

JJ: Aimee Fuller, Katie Ormerod, Ayla Thidling.

US: What’s your tipple of choice when relaxing?

JJ:  Hendricks G and T or some mulled wine

US: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the slopes?

JJ: Oh gosh to rude to print hahahaha.

US: Thanks Jenny, it’s been great speaking to you!

JJ: no worries, wishing everyone a grand winter with good snow and fun times. Big thank you to all my sponsors for their continuous support, Oakley, Salomon, Nixon, Pentax, Relentless energy drinks. Mucho Gracias x


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