The Legendary Tom Sims Passes Away

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Skate and Surf legend Tom Sims sadly passes away at the age of 62, one of the first to truly master the waves and the streets, winning both snowboarding and skateboards world championships, still the only man to win both world titles.

Tom went on to create his own brand of snowboards and skateboards under his name “Sims Skateboards” and “Sims Snowboards” which he was still fully involved with in the day to day running of the company right up until his untimely death.

Sims had the famous honour of playing Roger Moore’s stunt double for the snowboarding scenes of the 1985 blockbuster smash hit “a view to kill”

Sims revolutionised the snowboarding industry with ground breaking inventions and ideas including the first metal edged snowboard, the first snowboarding half pipe, the first freestyle snowboard amongst many more innovations! Sims also was the creator of the first longboard for skaters. He was considered to be a true master, which is displayed by the fact that he was the board of choice for a young Tony Hawk.

Tom will be missed greatly by all of us here at urbansurfer, he was a large part of why the boardsport industry is as big as it is today and was a driving force for all of us to get out there and enjoy whatever sport we choose to the fullest, R.I.P Tom, you will be missed.


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