Sunglasses Technical Guide

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Sport Sunglasses

Animal – Animal’s clipper sunglasses were tested by downhill bikers to ensure they withstood the rigours of extreme sport, complete with a lightweight frame, nose grips and impact resistant lenses. Ideal for BMX’ers and skaters!

Bloc – Bloc’s interchangeable shifter sunglasses have 4 interchangeable lenses, combining ultimate UV protection, ideal for cycling, skiing, tennis and golf. One of this years summer essentials, adaptable to all conditions.

Cebe – Cebe’s cinetek interchangeable cinetek sunglasses comes with 3 different pairs of lenses, anti-fog vented lenses, adjustable nose pads. Again ideal for cycling, skiing, tennis and golf. And a great multi use pair of sunglasses.

Von Zipper papa g sunglasses

Dragon – Dragon’s alliance sunglasses are endorsed by world class surfer Mick Fanning , complete with high contrast lenses, protective coatings, polarization and rubber nose pads.

Von Zipper – Von Zipper’s Papa G sunglasses provide 100% UVA, UVB and UV400, impact and shatter resistant, has class 1 optical quality and distortion free. Lens category 3 – strong protection for intense solar radiation.

Beach Sunglasses

Bolle – Bolle’s anaconda sunglasses have customised wrap-round arms so they stay put on your head. With polycarbonate lenses, carbo glass coating, B tru RX Programme and a thermogrip frame. Cool ice white finish that’ll make you look cool in the sun.

Electric Vision – Electric Vision’s Knoxville sunglasses are a funky retro 80’s style pair of sunnies that are gonna stand you out from the crowd on the beach this year, with 100% UV protection and a 6 base mould injected Grilamid Frame6 Base Polycarbonate Lens.

Quiksilver dinero sunglasses

O’Neil – O’Neil’s filo sunglasses is the ideal eye protection for the beach this year, with the awesome, vibrant bright vinyls on the arms and the 100% UV protection, made from high quality Propionate.  It’s a dead cert to make you one of the flyest guys on the beach.

Quiksilver – Quiksilver’s no fuss sense of relaxed style oozes through these glasses, in a sweet jet black colour these Dinero sunglasses are gonna turn heads on the surf, on the street and anywhere inbetween!

Street Sunglasses

Anon – Anon’s associate sunglasses completely rock the old school aviator with the simply awesome blue mirror lens , this original yet unique look is a timeless classic!

Jack&Jones – Jack&Jones space sunglasses are the most fantastic sunnies to get on a budget this year! With the super sleek red tint on the lens and the smashing tiger print frames you can stand out this summer no matter what your budget!

Nooka mercury sunglasses

Neff – Neff’s spectra sunglasses embodies everything about summer! With the deliciously querqy detailing on the shades there’s no doubt that your gonna be turning heads this summer, its no wonder that Neff is being rocked by the likes of Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg right now.

Nooka – Nooka’s Mercury sunglasses are the perfect combination of playfulness and sophistication, polymer injected frames make this eyewear piece lightweight and manageable whilst having a futuristic urban look that’ll be setting trends the world over! Also worn by Justin Bieber.

Santa Cruz – For a geeky chic look this year with added fun and a dirt cheap price, why not invest in these cheerful fellas from Santa Cruz.


Polarized lensesCut’s reflective glare of reflective surfaces, allowing you to get a great view of reflective surfaces such as snow and water, reflected light tends to travel in a concentrated horizontal direction which can create a distraction and more importantly a dangerous level of intensity of light to your eyes, polarized lenses use a special lense to alter this effect. Ideal for all snow and water sports!

Gradient lensesTinted from the top down, so the top of the lens is darkest, gradually getting lighter on the way down. Useful for driving as it blocks out overhead sunlight but allows you to see the dashboard out the bottom of the lens, here is our range of awesome gradient sunglasses.


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