Skate Shoes Technical Guide

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Vulcanized rubber soles- Vulcanized rubber soles are an awesome bit of skating technology that assists you sticking to your board and lasts way longer than regular rubber soles. Basically how this happens is that sulphur gets added to rubber making it much more durable, heat resistant and water proof! In other words its rubber on steroids. And the best pair of vulcanized skate shoes about are the Osiris rhyme remix hi-tops, which don’t half look wicked with their street flow that’s backed up by a touch of space age fashion  with the bulky hi-top build, not only do they possess the super vulcanized rubber technology, but they also have EVA insoles with a full latex covering for added durability and a snugger fit. It also has a kick-ass abrasion resistant outsole meaning that your sick new shoes are gonna hold together till your board’s got woodworm… Grab this awesome combo of durability and style at www.urbansurfer.co.uk/mens-skate-shoes/70085-osiris-rhyme-remix-hi-top-shoes-gvl-nat-cream.html for the cool price of just £89.99+FREE DELIVERY!

Air Cushions- Modern day skating means protecting your feet so you can keep on skating till your old and grey! And the coolest, most up to date way of doing that is air cushions! Aircushions are placed on the heel of the foot to cushion the force of impact against the floor, this happens by the force being spread out across the aircushion thus absorbing most of the impact! Plus these look cool anyway, which  these limited edition Ken Block DC hi tops perfectly display! With the sickest colourway we have seen in ages! This is a must for any Ken Block fan as these babies are covered toe to heel in Ken’s iconic skull and bones decal. As well as his legendary number 43 on the heel, not to mention a exclusive collaboration with Ken’s chosen energy drink Monster© with their logo patterned on the heel also. Know anyone that loves Ken Block? Love Ken Block yourself? What are you waiting for then! Grab this high tech shoe right away! From  http://urbansurfer.co.uk/mens-skate-shoes/69638-dc-ken-block-versatile-hi-wr-shoes-black-soft-lime.html for the insane price of just £89.99+FREE DELIVERY!

Action Leather- Action leather combines the luxurious and stylish values of leather whilst being adaptable to the rigours of extreme sport! This kind of leather has been chosen specially for its durable qualities and anti-scuff skin making this the most stylish yet tough outsole ever! And the best thing is that despite being so unbelievably robust, action leather keeps the beautifully soft touch that is customary with leather! One of the best action leather shoes out there right now is the hi-top Spartan by DC, hitting hard with the blacked out look and then a flash of vibrance on the sole with a brash yellow, this shoe has gotta be the most smartest looking skate shoe around and not only that but your feet will be in the company of the most technologically advanced leather in the world! Giving you the chance to reach optimal performance. Grab these game changing kicks from http://urbansurfer.co.uk/mens-hi-tops/69879-dc-spartan-high-wc-shoes-white-black-yellow.html for the bargain price of just £72.99+FREE DELIEVERY.



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