Interview With Young Star George Picking

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This week we got the oppurtunity to interview young surf star George Picking, we talk about injury, Pints and Chilli Con Carne!

US: Hey George! How are you? Its great to talk to you!

GP: Hey, I’m good thanks! yeah it’s nice to talk to you too!

US: So we hear you’re pretty beat up right now, what’s up with that?

GP: Yeah, basically a long story short I have a protrusion on my L4/L5 disc in my lower back which has kept me out the water for about 4 months or so now. I’ve been undergoing physio and rehab with Sean Clement at Sands Resort and I’m really starting to feel much better now. I am slowly getting back in the water and building myself back up but it’s a slow process and I can’t push it yet but it feels amazing just to be back in the water.

US: Well we hope you get well soon and start ripping the waves again soon! What do you have planned when you get back?

GP: It’s been hard to plan things, as I have no real idea when I will be 100% again but I have booked in for a 10day trip to Morocco in December. This might be my first trip for the winter but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been very lucky that my sponsors have stuck by me through my injury and have helped support me and so throughout the winter I will be taking Alex Piper of Clear Cut Productions with me my on my trips as my filmer and I’m really confident we are going to produce some cool videos that people are really going to want to watch each month. I think I’ll hopefully hook up with the Blurf.tv boys for a trip or 2, which will be something else to watch out for.

Anything that I do I’ll document on my blog – www.pickingmypath.tumblr.com

US: I’m guessing it’s pretty frustrating being injured?

GP: It is tough, and it’s up and down. In September 2010 I tore ligaments in my ankle and was out of action for 7months and I thought that would help me be more relaxed about this but its never easy and this year was an important year for me so its unfortunate but there’s no point dwelling on it. I just have to keep a positive outlook on things and look ahead and things will come together. Where there’s a will there’s a way you just have to want it enough.

US: What’s been your best performance to date?

GP: Making the British Team was a big turning point for me. I was 15 and had really started focussing on contests and when you get noticed and then taken to the world games to compete for your country it’s a big booster and also opens your eyes to the talent in the world. Also this year I started the European Juniors with a good results on a 3* in Gran Canaria finishing as the highest ranked Brit at equal 13th which would have set me up for the final year rankings if I could of carried on with the tour.

US: Favourite spot?

GP: A few local spots around home but they’re already too crowded so lets leave it at that.

US: What’s the best/worst thing about surfing?

GP: The best thing is no matter what you have going on it always makes you feel better if you can just surf. The worst is that it pretty much takes over your life and you spend every penny and minute of the day on surfing, its cheesy to say it but it’s a drug.

US: So away from surfing, what do you do?

GP: I’ve always been sporty, when I was younger I used to skate and do gymnastics as well as surf but surfing took over all my time. Now I’m not a little kid I have to work like everyone else! haha I work as a barman to help pay for surfing, but I also swim and box, I like to listen to music and draw stuff and just see my friends.

US: Where’s your favourite place to go and eat after a hard day on the waves?

GP: I like to cook so I usually head home for grub and you can never beat mothers cooking.

US: Dirty pint down your local or a sophisticated glass of bubbly in town?

GP: I work in a “sophisticated” hotel bar I guess so I hate being in anything like that so it would have to be a pint in a pub.

US: Tell us something about you that we didn’t know?

GP: When I was younger I was going to become a gymnast, I competed for the county and then it got to the stage where I had to decide between surfing or gymnastics and the beach won over the gym. I wonder what might of happened if I’d gone the other way sometimes, I was probably better at gymnastics but I couldn’t stand it any longer I burnt myself out.

US: Who inspires you?

GP: Slater is always an inspiration for what he is always achieving. But also people like Mick Fanning and Taylor Knox. Not everyone knows about the injuries a lot of these guys have had that could have stopped them ever becoming a professional but they overcame these things and have become the best in the world so it proves anything is possible if you have enough motivation.

US: And finally if you were holding a dinner party round at your joint, who would you invite and what would you cook?

GP: Just a few of the boys, I’d like to think they’re easy to impress and I’d maybe cook up a chilli con carne, some good grub that everyone loves!

US: Cheers for catching up with us George

GP: Anytime! A big shout out to all my sponsors! Thanks Urban Surfer!

Keep an eye out for this one, once he gets back to injury and into form we are certain he will be a major contender on the national circuit!


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