GB Surfer Micah Lester Speaks To Urban Surfer

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This week we got the opportunity to speak to British surfer Micah Lester, despite originally coming from Queensland, Australia he is now loving life on our shores and his positive vibe and attitude is exactly what British surfing needs!

US: Hey Micah, it’s great to talk to you! How are you?

ML: I’m really good thanks

US: So how was your Summer? Enjoying the Winter swells?

ML: I had an amazing Summer! In June when it as pouring down with rain I decided I wanted some sun so I spent two months in the Maldives with World Surfaries and then a month in California. So far this winter has been great, I’ve been up to Scotland, the Northeast of England, Wales and now I’m in Cornwall until the next good swells hit.

US: Do you get any stick for being an Aussie riding for the Poms?

ML: Ha ha Yeah, I do! My Dad even gives me stick, he calls me a Pommy and I’m like hold on! You where born in England but you call me a Pommy? The boys know I’m traveling doing what I love so even though they give me grief they show me a hell of a lot of support.

US: So let’s go back to the start… How did you first get into surfing?

ML: Through my old man and my Brother, my Dad was third in Australia at one time. They encouraged me to do it but I got bored of it as a kid, just being at the beach all day so I started skateboarding with my brother. That was until around 11yrs of age,

I smashed my front teeth out on my skateboard. My Mum banned me from skateboarding so I went back to surfing.

US: What is your first surfing memory?

ML: Standing up on my Dads board at kiddies corner, Burleigh Heads. I reckon I would have still been in my nappies.

US: Why do you love surfing?

ML: You can challenge yourself or just cruise and relax. It’s very much a lifestyle more then a sport, it’s one of the best lifestyles on Earth and it’s been very good to me.

US: Who inspires you?

ML: Growing up it has always been my brother and pro surfers it was and still is Andy Irons.

US: So what would you say is your biggest achievement in surfing?

ML: Still being able to surf everyday, I’ve won contests and got covers which I am really proud of but when you take a step back it’s really the fact that I am able to travel and live a free life. Just having that opportunity to travel and surf is my biggest achievement so far.

US: Have you got any other projects that you’re working on?

ML: I do, I’m going to be traveling a lot more, chasing swells and documenting them so keep an eye out for that.

US: Ok, so the sun’s down, the surf is done and you’re back in the bar, what are you drinking?

ML: Beer, I like beer.

US: If the ice cream van rocks up, what’s your choice? Are you a ice lolly man or an ice cream man?

ML: I’ve been known to eat ice cream for breakfast. I’m not joking, I love that stuff.

US: Have you done much traveling? Where have you been and where was your favourite?

ML: I’ve done a lot of traveling, surf and travel is all I do. My favourite places are…. Iceland because it’s so beautiful, Hawaii because of the waves and the island is so alive. Indo  has the best waves, the Maldives are perfect in every way and Scotland is very high on my list but my all-time favourite is where I grew up in Australia, at Burleigh Heads.

US: What hobbies do you have away from surfing?

ML: Photography, Filming and editing. I’m lucky because I travel with photographers so when I am on a trip if there is any down time they show me how to improve my shooting.

US: Who would you invite to a Micah Lester dinner party? And more importantly… what would you cook?

ML: I would throw a BBQ and turn it into more of a party with some dinner then a dinner party. I would invite my girlfriend, my family, all my good friends and as many girls as I could because my friends would appreciate that.

US: So what’s next for you then?

ML: I’m hanging out around Britain chasing the winter swells until Christmas then when the days get too short I’m going to head off to Hawaii for a little while. I got a hard life don’t I?

US: What’s the state of British surfing right now?

ML: It’s really good. Everyone complains about the industry, the politics etc but who cares about that! If you look at the actual surfing that is going down and giving the fact that, that’s all we really care about, going surfing. Then you’ll see so many good up and comers, the boys are charging good solid waves and making the most of what this country has to offer. The view from the line up is British surfing and surfers are doing better than ever.

US: If you could change anything about British surfing, what would it be?

ML: A better infrastructure so young surfers can build a career, more support for the local surfing communities and opportunity for people to have careers with in the surf industry. Even just having more local surf clubs so people can spend one day a month with their kids and friends hanging out at the beach, surfing and creating a good atmosphere would be amazing.

US: Who is really ripping it up on the British scene right now?

ML: it would have to be Jayce Robinson, Stoksey, Oli Adams, Reubyn Ash and Josh Piper but if you want to see what British surfing is about to become then check out Jobe Harris, Dale Foster, Rhys Barfield, Liam Manning and Max Payne.

US: Thanks Micah, it’s been a pleasure!

ML: Thanks, see you in the water.


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