Corinne Evans’ French Revolution

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Up and coming surf queen Corinne Evans is all fired up for this Summer and we wanted to find out why and what the Wolverhampton born surfer and model is so excited about…

US: So we hear you’re taking part in a women’s surfing week in France soon, whats going down?

CE: Yeah I am so stoked to have been asked to host a Womens Surfing Week in France. Feral Surf Tours got in touch with me about working together and naturally I jumped at the chance. The week is going to be amazing! Wine tours, nalu bead workshops, surf lessons and site seeing…..bet you wish it wasn’t women only.

US: Ha, well unfortunately Corinne, some of us don’t live in a fantasy! 😉 so where in France can we find you this Summer? And more importantly… Red, White or Rose wine?

CE: Haha well I will be around the Bordeaux and Hossegor region. As for wine, it all depends on my mood and the food I am eating.

US: So this means you’re gonna try Frog legs, yeah?

CE: Why not! I love eating new food!

US: Let hope your modelling agency doesn’t read that! Are there any plans for your Modelling career this year?

CE: I plan to just carry on what I am doing and take every opportunity that comes my way.

US: … Snails perhaps?

CE: Already tried them.

US: Oooo fancy! What did they taste like?

CE: I thought they just tasted like what they were cooked in which was garlic. They aren’t the tastiest things I have eaten but I would definitely try them again.

US: Why are you excited this Summer?

CE: This summer I am more excited than ever. I have a lot of good things going on. To be honest I am always exited for summer. I love being in England, BBQ’s, beach days and making new memories with my friends.

US: Well you have good reason to be excited! Talking of BBQ’s… what’s your ideal BBQ spread?

CE: Oh where do I start!

Homemade burgers, marinated chicken, prawns, steak, a variety of salads, chips and dips, corn on the cob. The list could go on. If you hadn’t already guessed it I love my food!

US: This has got to be living the dream for you, do you ever think you’re dreaming?

CE: I am so grateful for my life but I have worked really hard to be where I am to day. Sometimes I do have to pinch myself though, doing something I love as my job isn’t something many people can say they do.

US: All that sound’s pretty tiring though? How do you keep the batteries charged?

CE: Sleep well and eat well. I also make sure I take some time off, having down time for me is so important even if its just a couple of days here and there.

US: We also see that your taking your girls surfing camp to Wales this year, you must be excited that your camp is growing in popularity, just how far do you think it can go?

CE: I actually just got back from my Wales Girls Surfing Day. It was so lovely! Wales is just the start; I have big plans for my Girls Days watch this space.

US: That’s great! We’ll be keeping our eye’s peeled 😉 somewhere down the line, could you imagine it going abroad?

CE: Well it is in a way. Now I am teaming up with Feral Surf Tours I am taking Corinne Evans Girls Surfing Days to France! I would love to make it a permanent thing.

US: What’s your guilty pleasure?

CE: Eastenders! I love watching it on my down time with a nice cup or tea!

US:  Nothing says Surfer chick like the Queen Vic! Would you ever try your hand at acting?

CE: Yeah of course, I love new challenges.

US: With everyone buzzing about the Olympics right now, do you think that Surfing could be part of that?

CE: I don’t see why not. It seems like a natural progression for the sport.

US: Do you think we could push for Gold if this ever happened?

CE: Realistically I think we are a long way off. We simply don’t have the backing that other countries having when it comes to Surfing. In the UK surfing is often not taken seriously.

US: Did you get tickets to the Olympics this year?

CE: I didn’t even apply. I am happy to watch it on TV from the comfort of my own sofa.

US: If there was one Olympic event you would want to compete in, what would it be?

CE: It would be the womens 4x 100m Relay, it was my favourite at school.

US: What’s your ultimate hangover cure?

CE: Drink water throughout the night and wake up to a Full English! Oh and fresh air, it works wonders.

US: Big night on the town or a few quiet pints at your local?

CE: I’m not really a massive drinker; I enjoy going out to see my mates but getting drunk isn’t something I make a habit of doing.

US: We think that you do magnificent work promoting and teaching girls surfing, what would it mean to you if one of your students went big?

CE: I would be so proud!! To be honest there have been a few girls I have coached who have stood out, but my days aren’t just for girls who want to compete, my days are catered for everyone. I am just happy to hear that I have inspired girls to get in the water more.

US: Well keep up the good work Corinne and have fun this Summer!

All of Corinne’s dates for her surf school are on her Facebook athlete page at



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