Corinne Evans Exclusive, Girls Only!

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Sometimes at Urbansurfer we feel as though the girls are a little left out on our blogs, and in the surfing world in general. So that’s why we’ve decided to bring you an exclusive women’s surfing report and a general overview of how the female scene is doing right now.

And the best way to do this report is to give you guys an exclusive interview with one of the most renowned female surfers around in the shape of the beautiful Corinne Evans! As we take a sneak peak on the life of a professional surfer and model! Here’s what we found…

US: “Hey there Corinne, how are you? We are chuffed to little bits to be talking to you!”

CE: “Hi Urbansurfer, I am great thanks! It’s a pleasure”

US: “So let’s start from the top then, how did you get into surfing?”

CE: “My brother and Dad surfed when we moved down to Cornwall and after years of them trying to persuade me to go in I finally gave in and have been hooked ever since.”

US: “Love at first sight… Was it always surfing?”

CE: “Surfing came into my life quite late, before that I always wanted to be a professional dancer.”

US: “We thought you had a bit of the Step Up movies vibe about you! On that note, what’s your favourite film?”

CE: “Blades of Glory”

US: “Serious choice Miss. Evans, so then enough of the chit chat, what would you like to see next for women’s surfing?”

CE: “More girls participating, that’d be awesome”

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US: “It sure would! You run your own surf days especially for girls, how rewarding is that?”

CE: “So rewarding. I love getting more girls into surfing and I get as excited as they do when they stand up!”

US: “It’s great to hear people giving back to the surfing community, but what’s the one thing you wanna change about women’s surfing?”

CE: “More funding!”

US: “Amen, and finally how bright do you think the future of women’s surfing is?”

CE: “As bright as the sun! This generation of female surfers are amazing”

US: “Thanks Corinne! One last thing, any words of advice for young female hopefuls out there?”

CE: “Don’t hold yourself back!”

I think as we can all see, Corinne is determined to get female surfing really out there and into the lime light and its fantastic to see girls like Corinne have such passion, although women’s surfing is indeed growing, it still needs as much help as it can get.

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