Corinne Evans Back In Blighty!

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Julia Mcintosh

This week i caught up with the beautiful Corinne Evans to chat about how her Summer had been and what she’s planning for the future!

US: Hey Corinne, what’s happening?

CE: Hey! Well…where do I start. I’ve been a busy bee since we last spoke 🙂

US: So you’ve got to tell us how France was!

CE: France was amazing! Feral Surf Tours treated me like a Queen.  I had the best two weeks at the camp; I didn’t want to come home. I got to spend the first week shooting with photographer Andy Fox from Munich and then I hosted a Womens Surfing Week. I was definitely living the dream.

US: What was France like to surf?

CE: France is so much fun on the one hand but then also can put your heart in your month at times. I lucked in with fun waves the whole time.

US: What is the one thing you will take away from France?

CE: Amazing memories. The staff at Feral Surf Camp are an amazing bunch of people who made me feel so welcome. I cannot wait to go back out and see them in September.

US: Did you get round to Snail’s again?

CE: No I didn’t but I did indulged in some Oysters and Champagne 🙂

US: You really do love to teach don’t you! Ever thought about being a teacher?

CE: Haha I guess I do love to teach but being a teacher has never really crossed my mind. I don’t think I could cope with a whole winter in England or be stuck in a classroom most of the day.

US: I suppose you’d be mad to have a career chang now anyway!

US: Not to mention that you’re rocking boardmasters this week! I’m betting you’re pumped as ever?

CE: I love Boardmasters! Nalu Beads have asked me to come down the festival to hang

Chris Lane

out with them. So come see me. I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday 🙂

US: I take it you’re not headlining this year…

CE: Hahaha No I have decided to take some time out from my music career and focus more on my surfing and modelling 😉

US: There’s some huge names at boardmasters on and off the water, who are you most looking forward to seeing in and out of the surf?

CE: To be honest I don’t have anyone in particular that I am looking forward to watching but naturally I will be routing for any UK guys competing.

US: Tell us why Fistral Beach is the ideal location for a gig?

CE: I am obviously biased because I love Fistral Beach, but it’s beautiful and is Newquays most famous beach.

US: Best gig you’ve been too? (Boardmaster’s not allowed!)

CE: I loved watching the Kooks on Lusty Glaze Beach. I sang and danced my heart out that night with my best friends on a beach. It doesn’t get much better than that.

US: What’s your go too song when you’re dragged into some karaoke?

CE: I have never done Karaoke so I don’t actually have a song.

US: Gotta get some karaoke done girl!

US: And whilst all this is going on, there’s just the small matter of the London 2012 Olympics going on! You had a chance to see any of it?

CE: I am addicted. I think the Olympics are so inspirational to watch, I am actually going to miss it when it ends.

US: Urbansurfer is buzzing about the Olympics too!

US: Who is your favourite Athlete in the games?

CE: She’s the nations sweet heart at the moment but Jessica Ennis has to be my number one at the moment. What a great woman and so humble too! If any young women need a role model she should be it!

US: Most memorable moment of the games so far?

CE: I actually cannot choose. I have thought long and hard about this question. Every medal team GB have won has been memorable.

US: How did you rate the opening ceremony?

CE: Sadly I missed out on the ceremony as I was in France at the time. I have heard a few mixed opinions on it. I may have to YouTube it.

US: So what’s your plans for next Summer then?

CE: Next summer…. Well I am going bigger and better with the surfing tour by hosting more weeks in France and maybe Spain. I actually want to spend a couple of months in France training and shooting. I intend to work hard, surf hard and enjoy every minute of it 🙂

US: I think you owe everyone who’s massively jealous of you an apology…

CE: Living your dreams isn’t impossible; you just need to stop seeing walls and boundaries everywhere you look.

US: Wise words Miss. Evans!

US: So now that your summer adventures are almost complete, what’s coming up this winter for you?

CE: Just because summer ends doesn’t mean my fun stops. I am flying out to France in September to surf and train with Feral Surf Camp. Fingers crossed will be heading out to Morocco to host girls surfing weeks too. Who knows where I will be jetting off to after that!

US: And finally… we bet you have a banging tan!

CE: Yeah it’s not too shabby haha

US: Cheers Corinne! it’s always lovely catching up with you again.

CE: Cheers guys. It’s been a pleasure as always.


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