Arron Evans Interview

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This week we caught up with the brother of British surf queen Corinne Evans, Arron Evans! Arron is a well known and respected name and face on the British surfing circuit and here is what he has planned for his very bright future…

US: Hey Arron, it’s great to catch up with you!

AE: Hello..

US: So what’s your plans this year?

AE: Well with the summer season over and it starting to get cold, I’m going to be doing a few different trips before the full freeze kicks in making the most of the winter swells, short trips to all those spots which break pretty infrequently through the summer. Then after a snowboarding trip with a few of the boys I’ll be heading somewhere nice and warm for a couple of months! Amped.

US: What do you love/hate the most about surfing?

AE: The thing I love about surfing is there’s no two waves are alike and like Joel Parkinson said “there’s always something better in the next wave a better line – a deeper barrel” also the fact you can express any emotion though the way you surf a wave. The thing I hate the most is the frustration when you can’t get in rhythm with the surf can’t find any good waves on the upside it makes you appreciate the good waves/sessions.

US: Where’s your favourite spot?

AE: I have quite a few favourites around the world but it always comes down to my local Fistral Beach I know the waves, rocks the beach so well I could walk around it blindfolded and know where I was, I just feel totally at home there.

US: How did you get into surfing?

AE: When I was younger we used to come to Newquay for family holidays it then lead on to moving down when I was 10 years old. We moved to a house which is seconds away from the beach I started bodyboarding and saw the other people surfing, my dad had a surfboard and starting surfing himself and as a young boy you look up to whatever your parents do so I had a go then joined the local groms club down Tolcarne beach with Baz, Tony and Jo the coaches at the time with their help I progressed through the ranks there and went on to start competing.

US: Who motivates and inspires you?

AE: My inspiration comes from a lot of different places from local legends killing it at home to watching top athletes competing for big titles in all sports. As a young grom surfing in the contests around the UK my motivation at the time was to be the best to beat the best and get sponsored, get the free t-shirts and to have that sticker on your board. So much has changed since then, my dad past away October last year it was a biggest reality check I went back to the basics of why I started in the first place. I am motivated to surf because I love it!

US: What events are you hitting this year?

AE: I haven’t done any contests this year and doubt I will next year there isn’t much reason for me to do any comps as if you win the prize money doesn’t cover the entry, travel expenses etc and the coverage you get from such an event is like a thumbnail picture with a half-hearted write-up in a mag which is worth about £50 to a sponsor ..not for me anymore thanks

US: So we all know that you and Corinne are surf siblings! That must be cool having such a unique thing to share together?

AE: Yeah stoked it’s good to see her progress and start doing well for herself.

US: How often do you get to surf with Corinne?

AE: Not that often and we are both pretty busy doing our own things but when we do its great I give her little pointers which she picks up really quick and she is really motivated to improve on.

US: Be honest… who’s better?

AE: I have a couple more years on her J

US: Corinne obviously has her surf school, does heaps of travelling and her modelling of course. So what do you do in your spare time?

AE: Well apart from surfing I do bit of modelling myself work as a lifeguard and surf coach through the summer also training a lot at Koncept Gym .

US: Was it always surfing for you?

AE: Well before surfing it was judo, skate boarding and my dad was a boxer so I have always maintained a level in that.

US: What do you think the future of British surfing looks like?

AE: Well I have been part of British surfing for a few years now and I have seen it go through lots of changes some people bringing lots of negativity and other wanting nothing but great things for surfing. I think it will take a little while before we have a good structure with lots of events and lots of companies wanting to put money/support in.

US: If you could change one thing about surfing what would it be?

AE: The politics.

US: Down at the pub… What’s your tipple?

AE: I not a big drinker so mainly water but for a special occasion I’m a Desperados man.

US: What’s your meal from heaven?

AE: Love all food but I do love a English breakfast done properly no greasy sh*t all fresh ingredients grilled or poached. Boom!

US: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in the surf?

AE: When I was in Spain the Munduka contest had been moved to Bakio I was surfing at the same time Kelly and Adriano De Souza they were warming up for the next heat some Spanish local frother saw Adriano and starting frothing out going crazy his eyes looked like they were about to pop out his head never seen someone so star stuck then he saw Kelly and started stuttering and freaking out never laughed so hard in the surf! Had to be there kinda moment..

US: Favourite band/musician?

AE: Mainly hip-hop I’ve got too many genres and artists in my library to name one.

US: If you could invite 4 people dead or alive to your dinner party, who would they be?

AE: Nicole Scherzinger, Bob Marley, Biggie smalls and 2pac

US: Cheers Arron, it’s been great catching up with you!

AE: Thanks


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