Kelly Slater’s Shock Exit In Portugal

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11 time world champion Kelly Slater has been knocked out in just the 3rd round of the Ripcurl Pro Portugal by world no.32 Raoni Monteiro.

This blows the ASP World Title wide open giving Joel Parkinson, John John Florence and Mick Fanning a great chance at lifting the trophy this year, with Kelly possibly dropping behind now despite his double win in Trestles and then France.

He said “I surfed for 15 minutes after my heat and still didn’t get any good waves. I don’t know what to say, it’s just luck of the draw sometimes. If you get in the right sort of current, or out of the wrong current, and you find a little corner that’s not really a set, maybe you can do something with it. It’s tough, but Julian (Wilson) just got a 10 so say what you want. In 45 minutes (30 minute heat and 15 minutes after), I didn’t score over a 3. I’m just a little upset at myself for even bothering. I shouldn’t even have paddled out to be honest. I should have said it’s so bad we couldn’t surf, but Joel (Parkinson) was getting 6s and 7s and they’re probably looking at the clock saying we have to get this thing done. I didn’t talk to Damien (Hardman) before the heat, and I didn’t really talk to any of the surfers. I just sort of walked out and said I guess we’re surfing…my bad.”

Kelly has had a real up and down campaign with 3 tour wins, but now he’s chalked up a 25th place and two 13th places this season.

The scores finished at a measly 5.27 for Kelly Slater and a 9.20 for Raoni Monteiro of Brazil.

Kelly will next be competing at the O’Neill Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz, which again is an event he has struggled at in recent times.




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