Becky Menday On The BBC!

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Young snowboarding sensation Becky Menday is set to be interviewed by BBC Three Counties radio and make an appearance on BBC Children’s TV show “Download”.

Becky’s meteoric rise in the snowboarding world is nothing short of impressive and this kind of media attention was a matter of when, not if.

Becky is sponsored by massive brands like Dragon, Nooka and Protest which proves further that she is really going places and people are paying attention to this precocious young talent.

And not only is Becky appearing on telly now, but she’s also the official British indoor champion! Overcoming the likes of Lynsey Chapman and Vaila Chapman on her way to becoming the best of the girls, the new format for 2012 obviously suited her, with the contest being broke down into 4 separate sections in a jam style, Becky’s strong array of tricks was a crucial factor in her victory and she had this to say about her victory.

“I have been competing in these championships for five years now and always wanted to win the overall title. Now I have, I am so excited, it makes all the hard work and occasional pain worthwhile”

All of us here at Urbansurfer.co.uk would like to congratulate Becky on all of her recent achievements and I think we speak for everyone when we say that the future looks immensely bright for the youngster!


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