Skateboard Technical Guide

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At Urbansurfer, we listen to our beloved customers and what you guys have been saying is: “what size board shall I get?” Skateboard’s are much like looking for a new pet, you like the look of a lot of them, but when you find the right one, you just know. From that point of view it’s a personal thing, but in many  other ways it depends on what you want from skating, what level you’re at, how experience you are and what you’re style is.

So let’s start by shouting out to all the newbie’s out there wanting to get there first feel of skateboarding, firstly let me congratulate you on this decision, you’ve just chosen the most free spirited way to get away from all the stresses and strains of day to day life! At first skateboarding can occasionally be frustrating due to you failing something you saw on a Tony Hawk game, relax! Everyone started somewhere, be proud of achieving small goals (even if it’s staying upright on your board for 10 seconds) and enjoy skateboarding for what it is, a fun and unique way of releasing your spirit. If you are at this precious stage of your skateboarding life, you probably want to invest in something easy to control and ride, so we recommend that you invest in a Globe Neff Sea Pals cruiserboard! Featuring a nice fat deck concave so you have plenty of room to find your feet on and at the standard skateboard length of 30’ this board still has a realistic feel to it and is a great place for all novices to get the basics nailed! This beauty of a cruiserboard is available for the killer price of just £120 from your biggest and best cruiserboard stockist, http://urbansurfer.co.uk/cruiserboards-longboards/71008-globe-neff-sea-pals-cruiser-natural.html

If you’ve got the basics nailed down and you’re moving on to your pop shove it’s and kickflips then you need to step it up a notch and get on a fully fledged skateboard! You’re probably now in with a few guys down the skate park and you probably learned how to do a few minor things on your cruiser, so time to start playing with the big boys and really get into it! Especially if your wanting to go to vert skating. So grab one of these Globe smokin skateboards! This bad boy of a board is 8’ wide which makes it much easier and lightweight to flip and manoeuvre which will make your skateboarding development much easier and natural! This board also has killer pro features such as Chinese maple resin,  53 mm smoking wheels, matte warm hangar and Globe 5 Bearings  to name a few!  This board is an awesome, cheap way to really kick off your skateboarding! And for the dirt cheap price of £62.99 these guys are gonna fly off the shelf, so grab one now! From the no.1 Globe retailer in the UK http://urbansurfer.co.uk/cruiserboards-longboards/1002-globe-smokin39-cruiserboard.html



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