Chaz Ortiz Goes Wild With Zoo York

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Teen skate sensation Chaz Ortiz is rocking it out there right now! Not that you needed telling that, but I thought I may aswell point out the obvious!  He aint done bad for a 17 year old boy, he’s now rocking it in the biggest skate events all over the world, brushing shoulders with the likes of P-Rod , Ryan Sheckler and Nyjah Houston.  The little man from the windy city is rocketing in popularity, quickly becoming one of the most talked about skaters around.

Fresh from finishing his debut skate video for Zoo York and finishing 2nd in the Tampa pro finals he’s in hot form and never mind the fact that he’s featuring in Tony Hawk’s next game…. Believe the hype. But whilst Chaz is planning on assaulting the skate world his get up matches his ambitions, being kitted out with one of the top urban outfitters around, Zoo York!  Zoo York’s badass attitude and swagger is matching nicely with the Hip Hop invasion on skating right now. And we are gonna tell you which products we think are gonna be massive in 2012.

Zoo York’s Lady Liberty tee is a brand new addition for 2012, showing off a big bold print on the chest in the ever popular comic book style and coming in either Black or White, this design is ideal for this year, skating is getting more and more urban and street and Zoo York are representing this with this retro styled tee this fits in nicely with a pair of slim fit jeans and a snapback cap…

Zoo York’s Immergruen Snapback well look what we have here! What better way to match your urban, retro tee made by Zoo York, then rocking a urban, retro snapback cap made by Zoo York! We at Urbansurfer think this is a sick alternative to the traditional snapback cap, complete with Zoo York logo on the forehead, simply oozing that retro ghetto urban style with attitude laid on thick, coming in a Deep Blue colour, you can’t be missing this sick style combo.

So let’s sum this all up, you know that skating’s wonderboy rocks Zoo York clothing and you’ve just been sorted out with a badass outfit (don’t mention it) so now what? Were you gonna get this for a good price? Well check out the generous people at urbansurfer.co.uk where you will find this gear for the cheapest prices around! With the Zoo York Lady Liberty tee going for just £22.50! and the Zoo York Immergruen Snapback for just £30.00 and remember that urbansurfer.co.uk offers a 110% price promise, so what you waiting for!


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