United By Fate Series!

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Happy Monday! To kick off our week, we’ve been watching the Globe United By Fate Series. It features some awesome skating and great music. What more could you want?!

globe united by fate

The series of episodes includes loads of different skaters including the designer of the Mahalo shoe Mark Appleyard, Thrasher magazines skater of the year 2012 and shoe designer David Gonzalez and goofy-footed skater Greg Lutzka.

Where can we watch United By Fate?

Because we’re really kind, we’ve got a link to episode one below –

The series is available over on YouTube where we have made a playlist of all the episodes so far, apart from Episode 5 which seems to be blocked :(.

If you enjoy the series as much as us, you’ll probably want the DVD. This will be available to order from Globe soon!

Visit the United By Fate website for more information, behind the scenes photos and to see that elusive episode 5 YouTube won’t let us see.