Nike Might Not Be Snowboarding Again

Nike wants you to believe they’re Never Not Snowboarding; but the truth is there was a time they weren’t snowboarding between the last time they went snowboarding. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s they entered the snowboard market and tried to gain some clout and market share. They failed and left. Sure they’ve come […]

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Quality VS. Quantity

Whenever the conversation turns to how many days a season I or just about any dedicated snowboard bum rides it inevitably focuses in on the quality versus quantity debate. Does quality trump quantity or does quantity beat out quality solely on the law of averages? This is a question often debated on chairlifts and at […]


Goggle Lenses Guide For Winter 2015

When the weather changes and early dark nights arrive, our thoughts turn to the snow and our opportunity to get up on the slopes. If you’ve rummaged around for last years goggles and noticed the horrific state of your lenses then you may want to think about replacing the lenses; a much lower cost option […]


Bawbags 2015 Season Just Arrived

You know it’s nearly Xmas when we receive a large delivery of Bawbags and in it are some brand new styles ready to delight your partner, son, father, uncle, nephew or even friend with benefit… Included in our recent delivery is the three pack Safari collection consisting of Leopard, Zebra and Tiger prints. 3-Pack boxer […]

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The Worst Snowboarding Products Ever Patented

When there’s a thriving industry there are always people that will bring bad ideas to market. Snowboarding is no exception, there have been countless bad ideas over the years that we’ve mocked. Now it’s time to look through the history of bad snowboarding ideas that were patented. The picture doesn’t do this product justice see […]


Insights From A Successful Snowboard Bum

In my thirty two years on this planet there have been numerous things that have occupied my time, but the one that has incalculable hours associated with it is snowboarding. It invaded my very being like a parasitic organism from an early age. If I tried to kill it now it would destroy the identity […]

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The Top 10 Places To Skate In The World

Skating plunges you right into the centre of a city and lets you mix it up with the locals. Below are some of the best and most iconic places in the world for skating.   1. Kona Skate Park, Florida A good all-rounder, Kona opened in the 1970s and holds a special place in the […]


Summer Sale On Now

Our summer 2015 sale is on now. You’ll find huge discounts on all of your favourite surf and skate brands along with free UK delivery. So if you’re still in need of those holiday clothes and need them fast, then get yourself along to our main site for a wide choice of discounted holiday clothing, […]


Summer Holiday Suitcase Essentials

It’s very important what you take on holiday… Isn’t it? How much you take, what colour, lightweight, heavyweight, waterproofs or not? There are so many things to consider, so many decisions to make when packing that all important suitcase. There are dimensions and  weight restrictions for flights whether the luggage is for the cabin or the […]